The home improvement industry touches both the DIYer and the professional. How and why they purchase depends on many factors in a market worth over $537 billion in 2021. So, how can home improvement advertisers best reach their audience? According to data from multiple reports, home improvement radio ads are a consistent driver of sales.

Let’s take a look at the data that your home improvement advertisers will be anxious to hear.


Consumer Studies Demonstrate the Appeal of Radio Ads for the Home Improvement Industry

There’s a lot of data to sort through regarding audio listeners and their responses to home improvement radio spots.

Key Takeaways from the Studies

  • Heavy audio listeners (AM/FM and podcasts) spend four times as much on home improvement purchases and shop 43% more frequently than those who aren’t.
  • A home improvement retailer increased its local radio spend by 2.3 times and saw significant surges in store traffic and sales.
  • Audio is also a way to engage e-commerce home improvement shoppers who are more likely to shop online.
  • AM/FM radio ads with messages about sales and promotions create the “halo effect” and increase online and in-store shopping.
  • AM/FM radio generates three times the sales lift of TV.
  • Listeners prefer female voices, and their use can increase recall.
  • At 13.4%, AM/FM drove the strongest sales growth compared to TV alone and TV + radio.
  • Radio ads delivered the best ROI, at $28.82 for every $1 spent.

These are exciting numbers, especially when people believe that no one listens to the radio anymore. The reality is that broadcast radio still has the greatest reach and dominates ad-supported listening. Further, radio is the most trustworthy medium with the highest listener engagement.

So, for any non-believers, you’ve got the data and facts to demonstrate that radio ads work! Now that you have their attention, what kinds of campaigns should you recommend?

Recommendations for Radio Ad Spots for the Home Improvement Space

Whether your home improvement advertisers are currently using radio or not, come to them with ideas that capitalize on learnings from these studies.

Promos Drive Action

As referenced above, ads about sales get people in stores and clicking online. Everybody wants a deal, and retailers always have some promotion going. Curating a simple message about the sale, offer and details is all you need. You can also suggest digital advertising to complement this, including display geotargeting to catch people in the area. OTT/CTV ads could drive action with unique codes for e-commerce or in-store purchases.

Retailers Can Woo Professionals Too

Consumers aren’t the only shoppers at home improvement stores. Local professionals also need supplies and materials. However, their buying motivations are somewhat different. They are looking for quality but are also very aware of margins and availability.

If there are specific items that have been hard to find but are back in stock, this is great content for a radio ad. It could immediately drive foot traffic. Your advertisers should also consider spots that speak to the professional about programs, financing deals and memberships exclusive to them.

Telling Stories Engages Emotions

Audio stories impact the brain in much the same way as visual ones. That makes it a great medium for storytelling. Home improvement projects often have special meanings behind them. They may be a labor of love or a way to make a fresh start. Remember that radio is a highly trusted channel, so these stories will likely be more impactful than other mediums.

If you can develop this into a short narrative, your advertiser will get more engagement. These could be actual stories or something you create together. For example, these could be things like renovating the master bath for a mom who does it all or updating a child’s bedroom after they suffer a life-changing event.

Radio Ads Should Be Ongoing to Keep Momentum Going

Advertisers can expect some returns for radio ad investment, but you should propose this as a long-term campaign with new content depending on the sale, season or other components. If they want to reap those high returns noted above, they’ll need to advertise consistently on radio. You’ll be able to share results with them regularly and make tweaks for the greatest impact.

Home Improvement Radio Ads Stand Out Amongst the Noise

These new findings make it loud and clear that radio ads are an excellent investment for the home improvement industry. Use those and the ideas above to get your customers excited and motivated!

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