NXT Training Academy

On-Demand Training for Marketron Customers

Build Your Expertise

The Marketron Learning Center offers customers self-guided courses that explain key digital topics in more detail and provide resources for you and your advertisers.


A self-guided digital introduction course that provides the foundation you need before embarking on the rest of the NXT Training Academy. 

Display and video advertising

Level 1

Grow your understanding of display and video advertising, while also learning how to incorporate digital advertising into your sales approach. 

Geofencing and video geofencing

Level 2

An introduction to geofencing and video geofencing with recommendations for adjusting the client needs assessment and sales presentation to include digital. 

Over-the-top / connected TV

Level 3

Learn about over-the-top (OTT) and connected TV (CTV) advertising, as well as tips for closing a cross-channel sale and securing the renewal. 

 If you are a Marketron customer and do not have access to the MLC, please contact your Marketron admin or  help@Marketron.com.

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