Medium Rectangle 300×250

Half Page Unit 300×600

Large Rectangle 336×280

Leaderboard 728×90

Smartphone Banner 320×50

Use these display creative examples to help prospective advertisers envision new advertising offers, messaging and creative approaches of their own.

Along with the display creative examples (which are available to download at the end of this post), here are some tips to help with running a successful automotive digital advertising campaign:

Specialists abound

There are dozens of national digital agencies that specialize in the automotive category. Study their products and their existing body of work before you attempt to compete.

Co-op drives decisions

All Tier 1 manufacturers provide pre-approved display ad templates for dealer use. Be sure to ask whether your station can be declared co-op eligible before proposing a digital solution to the dealer.

Research community ties

Selling and servicing vehicles is important business, but a local dealership often has other priorities throughout the year. Consider charitable initiatives and other community events when proposing promotable occasions.

Align with Tier 1 messaging

If your creative focus is product-based (rather than on one of their community-focused events), review the manufacturer’s website for seasonal phrases to be included in ad copy (December to Remember, etc.).

You can download the JPG files of the creative examples shown in this post, along with a PowerPoint slide containing the examples and tips. Feel free to use them as samples (no copyright).