Broadcast sales operations faced many challenges during the pandemic, pivoting regularly. This was completely new territory for sales leaders. Lotus Broadcasting Las Vegas general sales manager Natalie Marsh shared her experiences in this episode of Beyond Impressions, hosted by Marketron sales engineer Jeanne Selvage.

Marsh, a native of Las Vegas, commented on how strange the city felt during the initial shutdowns. Casinos shuttered for the first time ever. Because they never close, most of the doors didn’t even have locks, and the Strip was eerily quiet.

After the shock, Marsh began thinking of what to do with the sales team and clients. “We always focused on relationships, so we were able to practice what we preach, reaching out.”

These community connections are a unique part of local radio. Marsh also revealed that once restaurants went into delivery and carry-out mode, Lotus traded ad spots for meals, which they delivered to clients and their families.

In such a chaotic time, Marsh wanted to keep the sales team motivated. “First, we took away their budgets and celebrated every win, no matter how small. We also found new categories that were thriving.”

Upon reflection on silver linings, Marsh said, “Video conferencing would have taken a lot longer, but we had to do it. It’s a personal relationship you don’t get through email or on the phone.” It’s something her team feels comfortable with and will continue to use.

Marsh also discussed that the pandemic was an eye-opener on work-life balance. “We learned we didn’t have a grasp on this. We’re married to our phones, and 10 years ago, we weren’t. We’re going to have to figure out flexibility to achieve it.”

To hear more from Marsh on navigating sales operations in a difficult time, watch the episode.


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