Audio listener trends continue to evolve in 2021. While the total time spent listening to radio dropped by a few minutes in 2020, many regular listeners reported that they would be listening more. Some of that shift revolves around how they were listening — streaming gained steam, with fewer commuters and more remote workers.

But what does the data look like for 2021, and how will that shape radio advertising in 2022?

Check out these audio listener data trends in the infographic, followed by some insights on how they’ll impact next year.

Audio Listener Trends Infographic

What Does the Data Imply for Advertising Sales?

First, it’s important to note that the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) forecasts ad revenue declines for 2022. With this in mind, along with the stats, where are advertisers’ opportunities?

Radio Does Reach Gen Z

If you have advertisers hungry to reach this market, let them know that radio is a channel they can leverage. With an integrated multimedia campaign, you can include digital and radio spots.

Depending on the product or service, targeting Gen Z may align with specific programming. They may be more reachable through segments that grew, such as country or sports.

It’s Hard to Beat Radio on Reach

When it comes to media with the most significant reach, radio is still a leader. For campaigns that are broad and fit most consumers, radio is still an affordable way to drive brand awareness.

People Are Listening In-Car Again

Most radio campaigns prior to 2020 had the concept that most people were listening in the car. Well, the pandemic changed all that. People are returning to the office and listening to the radio more in 2021. Many factors will impact this, specifically what the new workforce will look like, as more employers allow remote work.

Thus, you can advise your advertisers of these changing numbers and how they can best catch those listeners.

Consumers Have More Positive Feelings About Audio Ads

Based on the data, consumers see audio ads in a more favorable light. That can help with retention and positive brand sentiment. Let your advertisers know about these findings so they can quantify the power of radio ads.

New Audio Listener Trends and Changes Ahead

The only certain thing is change, and audio will continue to evolve. However, it’s still a prominent medium in the daily lives of consumers, which means it’s still a great channel for your advertisers!

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