Medium Rectangle 300×250

Half Page Unit 300×600

Large Rectangle 336×280

Leaderboard 728×90

Smartphone Banner 320×50

Use these display creative examples to help prospective advertisers envision new advertising offers, messaging and creative approaches of their own.

Along with the display creative examples (which are available to download at the end of this post), here are some tips to help with running a successful digital advertising campaign for nonprofit organizations:

Complement the brand

A charitable organization’s reputation, logo and branding statement are its most valuable assets. Campaign creative must complement each of those elements in order to be approved and to succeed.

Combine awareness with action

In this category, the best creative encourages its audience to do both. What emotional response does the nonprofit want the audience to feel? How will this spur them to action?

Understand the audience

Sit down with your client to get an understanding of who their typical donor is. What are their demographics? What events or campaigns have been successful? Knowing whom you are targeting and what their preferences are will help you develop successful creative, CTAs and ad placement parameters.

Test CTAs, colors and ad sizes

“Learn more,” “get started” or “register now”? No one knows which phrase will generate more user interactions. Plan on conducting A/B copy testing with your campaign, and contract with the client to monitor the results from each version of the ad. Adjust creative placement accordingly to drive the best results.

You can download the JPG files of the creative examples shown in this post, along with a PowerPoint slide containing the examples and tips. Feel free to use them as samples (no copyright).