Medium Rectangle 300×250

Half Page Unit 300×600

Large Rectangle 336×280

Leaderboard 728×90

Smartphone Banner 320×50

Use these display creative examples to help prospective advertisers envision new advertising offers, messaging and creative approaches of their own.

Along with the display creative examples (which are available to download at the end of this post), here are some tips to help with running a successful retail digital advertising campaign:

Research comes first

While retail is a broad category, its respective sub-verticals can all be researched. Study the messaging of competitors, and look for a benefit that can be promoted by advertising. The less “me too” your ad messages are, the better.

Create uniqueness

It’s helpful to think about offers as coming in two varieties — primary and promotional. Brainstorm ideas before client meetings, and be prepared to share.

Include hours of operation

Time is just as important as money to many consumers. Don’t waste your audience’s time! Instead, make it easy for them to see when it is easiest to visit the business in person.

Great for geofencing and video geofencing

Think about what consumers are doing just before they could be interacting with your client. For example, one of the top ad categories in cinema advertising is nearby restaurants. Deploy similar tactics with your clients.

You can download the JPG files of the creative examples shown in this post, along with a PowerPoint slide containing the examples and tips. Feel free to use them as samples (no copyright).