A call to action (CTA) is a term that refers to the next step an advertiser wants its audience to take.

Used to prompt an immediate response, a CTA leads the audience to the desired conversion point (e.g., buy now, download an eBook, sign up for a webinar, get directions or obtain a coupon).

Here’s a list of the top 100 CTA phrases:

Act now​
Add to your​
Apply today​
Be sure to​
Book now​
Buy and save​
Buy now​
Call today​
Check our​
Check out​
Check this out​
Choose your​
Click button​
Click for more​
Click here​
Come see our prices​
Compare prices​
Contact us​
Contact us today​
Do not buy unless​
Don’t forget to​
Don’t miss​
Don’t wait​
Download now​
Find items​
Find out more​
Find savings​
Find yours​
Follow this​
Get a quote​
Get free​
Get it here​
Get more info here​

Get your​
Give a gift​
How to​
Join today​
Join us​
Learn more​
Learn to​
Look at​
Need more​
No obligation to try​
Now you can​
Order now​
Order your​
Pay less​
Please see​
Please view our​
Read reviews​
Request yours today​
Respond by​
Rush today​
Save big​
Save money​
Save on​
Save today​
Save up to
Save with​
Search for​
Search now​

Search our​
See deals​
See more​
See our coupon​
See our products​
See pricing​
Send for​
Shop at​
Shop low prices​
Shop now​
Shop online​
Shop today​
Show price​
Sign me up now​
Sign up​
Start now​
Start today​
Stock up​
Take a closer look​
Take a look at​
Take a tour​
Tour our​
Try it today​
View all products​
View features​
Visit our​
Visit us at​
Watch for​
You might also try​
You might consider​
Yours for asking