This email marketing case study shows how Skytop Lounge used email marketing to drive reservations and revenue through specific targeting.



Skytop Lounge was looking to increase reservations and re-bookings during the summer and fall season and promote their new bed and breakfast package.


Utilizing key targeting criteria and Marketron’s extensive email database, Marketron was able to identify and reach 200,000 individuals who met the “snowbird” consumer profile



  • New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania
  • Married couples, ages 35-65
  • Travel interest

Email Count

  • 50,000 record campaigns, mailed every other week
  • Two-month campaign

Measurement of Success

  • 25% average open rate
  • 01% average click rate
  • 2,065 reservations
  • 186 (25%) customers matched to the email deployment file
  • $114,765.82 in revenue