Closing the sale is the last stage of the sales cycle and the final post in this series. It’s arguably the most challenging part of the cycle. It takes the right combination of reaching out, listening, staying in front of your prospects and adapting to their needs.

Steps 1 through 6 got you here, and now it’s time to ask your prospect to sign. Since you’ve been building the relationship, it should be natural with no need for pressure.


Quick Tips for Closing the Sale

Consider these tips to help you close the sale.


Listen: After uncovering a real need, creating a plan of action and designing the blueprints, let your client speak first. Hear what they have to say. If you are confident about your plan, your client will feel that about spending money with you now and in the future.


Excite: Present a contract, and cultivate excitement about the ad design process. Include some examples of successful creative from other clients to pique their interest. If they start talking about ad creative, they are ready to go.


Itemize: Outline what they can expect throughout the campaign with a timeline for success. This includes a commitment date (and deposit, if necessary). Map out a creative and production schedule, including all approvals.


Emphasize: Advise of the dates that ad campaigns will run and when they can expect a surge in inquiries, calls and traffic.


Urge: Adding deadlines to a proposal is helpful to create a sense of urgency. Give a reason why you need their signature back, like anticipated kickoff dates, deadlines or space reservation.


Manage: Make sure to set expectations up front. Be as detailed as possible with what you need from them, including due dates to drive success.


Sign: At a certain point, it’s OK to ask for a signature. If both parties agree, a signature is the next big box to check. Don’t beg or be desperate.


Connect: This is a major decision, and you don’t want your prospect going it alone. Hold their hand, and keep talking to establish trust and connection throughout the process.

Close the Sale Based on Trust

The sales cycle takes time. You’ll always be adapting techniques. You’ll learn from every buyer you engage, which will help you the next time. The most important thing is to lead with honesty and authenticity. If a customer trusts you, you’ll win the sale.

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