Get the E-Book! 7 Stages of the Sales Cycle: How to Master Each Step to Capture More Business

7 stages e-bookThe sales cycle is evolving for broadcast and media sales professionals. The stages of the sales cycle look different now because the ecosystem for your advertisers has changed. For you to better meet their needs, why not take the time to enhance your sales cycle?

In this helpful resource, you’ll find insights and tips to streamline processes and deliver more revenue.

Inside, we’ll cover:

  • Stage 1: Prospecting (do’s, don’ts and more!)
  • Stage 2: Making contact (how to make the most of any interaction)
  • Stage 3: Qualifying compatibility (learn what makes prospects a good fit)
  • Stage 4: Analyzing prospect needs (connect the dots between their needs and your solutions)
  • Stage 5: Presenting your solution (get advice from industry experts)
  • Stage 6: Overcoming objections (be prepared for a no)
  • Stage 7: Closing the sale (tips on how to finish with a win)

You don’t want to miss all the knowledge in this e-book. It’s perfect for those just starting in sales and for seasoned professionals who need to retool their processes.

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