A sharp proposal that’s branded and professional is critical for broadcasters and digital advertising sellers. If you don’t currently have a branded proposal template, it’s imperative you standardize this practice.

Using proposal templates ensures that your salespeople deliver a consistent look for your brand and that they provide the most current information about your products. More importantly, proposal templates minimize the time it takes for your sales team to develop them. The longer your salespeople take to turn around a proposal, the less likely they are to close the deal.

Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yelp use templated products to make the buying process quick and painless for advertisers. Broadcast companies with digital products have clear advantages for advertisers over these self-serve platforms, including media expertise and being a one-stop shop for digital and broadcast products. By streamlining your proposal template, your sales team should become more competitive in broadcast and digital media opportunities.


Elements of a Proposal Template

Here are some steps and tips for each element of your proposal:

Master Slide Design

The first component of a proposal template applies to all the slides. You’ll want to create a slide master design that reflects your branding, including colors, graphics and fonts. If you need help organizing this, use these resources:


Table of Contents

The sections should include an introduction, an objective or problem to solve, and the solutions to do so. The solutions should elaborate on media asset details and data points like station demographics and personality bios.

Investment and Schedule

In this part of the proposal, you’ll outline the investment required as well as the schedule for ads.


This area of the proposal should summarize previous points and drive home the key reasons why the advertiser should move forward.

Case Studies

Advertisers will appreciate seeing case studies that solved similar issues or are in the same industry. These allow companies to visualize the success they can have by accepting the proposal and beginning ad runs.


Update Your Proposals Regularly

It’s always a good idea to update proposal templates regularly. You might often do so because of new branding, but you should keep it fresh and engaging regardless. A well-designed, clean and inviting proposal can play a key role in getting a yes from clients.