The creative behind ad campaigns impacts the ads’ performance and how audiences respond to them. It should be relevant, modern and on-brand. As you begin to discuss new campaigns with your customers, it’s time to hit refresh on advertising creative.

In this post, we’ll review the latest trends that can inspire your advertisers.

Interactive Video Ads

Take video ads to the next level with interactive attributes. They can amplify engagement and lead to more clicks. Some options in this category include:

  • Interactive buttons and overlays with an embedded GIF that animates the CTA (call-to-action) button
  • Clickable hotspots that deliver a clickable CTA
  • Fade-in text
  • Shoppable ads where people watch product videos, which can include a discount code

Video ads that have an interactive touch bring the viewer into the scenario. They are seeing a “story” play out with stunning visuals that could earn your advertisers clicks.

Rich Banners

Traditional banner ads are static and may not get attention, especially with ad blindness. With a rich banner, HTML animates it to create a more interactive experience. The code can add expansion, floating, rotating or scrolling effects. These little movements can catch the eye. Make sure these are subtle and align with the company and the message in the ad.

Creating More Authentic and Representative Ad Concepts

Another creative advertising trend involves who is in ads. This is a consumer-driven trend, as more people want authentic representations. A study found that 75% of consumers say they trust content from average people more than content from brands. So, how can local advertisers capitalize on this?

User-generated content is one idea. Companies could ask for content from their social media followers and customers that feature them with their products.

Another option is working with local influencers for content. These aren’t celebrities but rather people in your community whom others trust. It could even be your on-air personalities.

Companies could also capture real moments in their locations. For example, restaurants could ask patrons to pose with their meals and drinks. Boutiques could turn customers into models.

These are all low-cost but effective ways to make ad content more authentic.

Generative AI Makes Customized Imagery Easy

Generative AI use cases include the creation of images and videos. There are many tools available that make this easy. Some high-rated options include Canva, DALL-E 2, Adobe Firefly and Picsart.

It starts with specific prompts on what you want in an image. Think of it as putting in some keywords. You can also choose your preferred art style, such as realistic or illustrations.

If you wanted to create an image for a pet grooming company, you might enter things like “dogs, grooming, bath, clean, happy.” It could then produce many options to use that look real. Then, you could edit the company’s logo in. Getting actual pictures of dog grooming can get messy, and the subjects aren’t always cooperative!

Conversational, Customer-Centric Copy and Design

Many of the best ads don’t feel like ads at all. That’s the concept of conversational, customer-centric creative. There are a few applications of this.

First, it’s the literal embodiment of having a conversation. The design would include conversation bubbles or could look like a text or IM chat. Here’s an idea for a lawn care company.

“Hey, your lawn’s looking a little sad.”

“I know. I just don’t have the time for upkeep.”

“Have you heard about Larry’s Yard Crew? They’re fast, affordable pros.”

“I should give them a call.”

It’s a conversation with friends that can end with a CTA to call Larry.

Another way conversational ads can work is for the business to speak directly to the customer. It starts with something like, “Hey, looking for the perfect date night restaurant?” It poses a real question someone may have as they browse restaurant options in their city. After the question, text could fade in to show reviews for the restaurant with a CTA to book online.

Be Inspiring in 2024 with These Advertising Creative Ideas

One reason your customers stay loyal to you is that you’re always bringing ideas to the table. With these trends, you can help them create campaigns they may never have considered. Getting the creative right can lead to more clicks, leads and sales.

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