This mobile messaging case study shows how Chicago Shakespeare Theater used Marketron Mobile Messaging to drive record-breaking attendance to its new show with an engaging MMS campaign.



  • To kick off the Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s production of “Sunday in the Park with George,” actors put on a surprise live performance at the Art Institute in Chicago. The play took place in front of a life-sized reimagining of artist George Seurat’s “Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte,” from which certain key elements were absent based on the original work of art.

Call to Action

  • After the show, the cast and crew invited the audience to opt in to a mobile campaign to discover the secrets of the missing characters.
  • Those customers who texted in received an MMS video message explaining how the missing characters had come to life in a play, as well as where to buy tickets to see the new show at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater.

Measurement of Success

  • 8 million impressions in 24 hours
  • Broke an all-time record with the highest number of first-time guests in the history of the theater
  • The show was extended for an extra week due to the high demand for tickets.
  • 14% who opted in shared content on Facebook.
  • 17% who opted in chose to receive future messages from the Chicago Shakespeare Theater.

Key Takeaways

  • This well-crafted campaign shows how to use MMS to create an exciting, active conversation that conveys a compelling message to customers.
  • Particular kudos go to the use of timing and relevancy, as the Chicago Shakespeare Theater quickly reached millions of viewers and built a sizable database of opted-in customers from scratch.
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