Demographics, especially a consumer’s age, are often key components of targeting for advertisers. While some of your customers want to promote everything to everyone, getting more specific can deliver better results. Your tactics and content can be more compelling and relevant when you have a more defined audience. For advertisers seeking to reach consumers 55 and older, pairing Facebook ads and radio is a smart approach, according to new data.

So, why are these two tactics able to deliver such great results? Let’s find out.

A Review of the 55+ Demographic and Media Preferences

Before we talk about the study specifically, it’s critical to review the statistics for this population segment. Those 55 and older make up about 21% of the U.S. population. Within this group, most are baby boomers, but Gen X now becomes part of this faction, too.

These generations have some distinct differences, but they have similarities in radio listening and social media usage. In our latest audio listening trends data compilation, this group listens to radio the most, with 84.5% doing so weekly. Those 55 and up also spend the most time with radio, averaging around 14 hours per week.

Clearly, this group has strong ties to AM/FM radio, so how do they feel about Facebook? As one of the oldest social media platforms, Facebook does well with the older demographic. Many consider it a must-have to stay connected with family and friends. Currently, 22.4% of U.S. Facebook users are 55+. There have been countless articles about the growth of older users on the platform, with some calling it “social media’s retirement home.” So, while younger generations spend more time on TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook has substantial numbers with older adults.

Radio Gives Facebook a Lift

Radio ads provide a boost for digital ad tactics. This point has been made by many studies, with one revealing that radio gave Facebook ads a lift of up to 18.3%. If you’re hitting the same local audience in two distinct channels with the same message, it will get more attention and lead to better retention. Now, there’s a new study that reiterates this point further.

The study revealed that Facebook usership for those over 55 grew 16% from 2017 to 2021, while other age groups decreased. However, Facebook doesn’t touch everyone in the demographic. Radio outperforms all social media profiles, according to the study. When using both, the impact includes:

  • Increased reach
  • More frequency
  • Greater recall based on stronger engagement with audio ads

You’re always presenting integrated campaigns to your customers to get them the best results. This is one more option for targeting those 55 and older, an attractive segment for any business.

Why Are 55+ Consumers a Great Target?

There are several reasons why your advertisers would want to acquire more customers in this age range. Consider these points:

  • They are a growing demographic; in 2020, there were more people over 55 than there were 5-year-olds.
  • Many in the demographic have larger-than-average disposal income and fall into the “consumer class,” which defines those who spend $11 per day.
  • Many people over 55 are still working, although the pandemic saw some retire. Overall, around 50% of those 55 and older are retired.
  • Older generations are living longer with greater life expectancies and more advancements in medical care.
  • If retired, the group has more time for leisure activities and will spend money on these things, including eating out, travel and other entertainment.
  • The demographic also represents a time of change, which could include big life moments like downsizing their homes, moving to a new city, upgrading vehicles or changing financial planning behaviors.

Considering all these components, you can see how many types of advertisers could benefit from Facebook ads and radio campaigns. Let’s look at some ideas to pitch.

Facebook Ads and Radio Campaign Ideas

Here are some suggestions for presenting this idea to specific advertisers.

Local Restaurants: What’s for Lunch?

Households of those 55 and older account for 36% of all restaurant spending. However, they have different preferences. First, they are more likely to be lunch diners or eat earlier dinners. They also appreciate convenience and the socialization factor of eating out.

You can tie those things into ads for Facebook and radio. To target lunch, advertisers should buy morning airtime and focus creative on Facebook to be lunch deals that include a special promo covering the social aspect, such as two-for-one deals. In terms of convenience, they want to go someplace close by, and you can target specific geographies with your social media ads.

Local Entertainment and Events: Awareness and Purchase

If your entertainment advertisers have programming coming up that’s popular for the over-55 crowd, they’ll want to leverage Facebook and radio. Radio gives them an expansive reach to spread awareness. People hear it there and then log in to Facebook and receive ads for the event, which could include a special promo code to drive them to buy.

Professional Services: The Trust Factor

Those over 55 may need financial, legal or other professional services. How they choose these depends upon trust factors. A study on radio advertising found that more consumers have a higher opinion of businesses they hear about on radio versus TV or streaming. They also find them more trustworthy. Play this up to advertisers in these industries. You can then capitalize on this again with Facebook ads that include social proof, such as reviews and testimonials.

Facebook Ads and Radio Are a Winning Pair

You now have all the numbers, stats and ideas to pitch to your clients. With these tactics, they can reach the 55+ audience exceptionally well and could boost their sales.

For more insights on building a great campaign, try our interactive tool to create the ideal digital ad mix with eight different advertiser goals!