How to Start a Campaign

Before you begin discussing tactics with clients, you should work with them to develop a strategy. That involves several foundational elements, including:

  • Value proposition: What need does the product or service meet?
  • Target audience: Who is the ideal customer for this product?
  • Time frame: When will the product or service be available?
  • Objectives: What are the overall goals for the campaign (e.g., more website traffic, in-store shopping, awareness)?



Building a Product Launch Campaign

With a strategy that defines the what, who and when, it’s time to determine the how. Consider these options when talking with your advertisers.

Social Media Advertising

Social media is a great channel to announce something new. You can help your customer target very precisely on these profiles, including demographics and location. There are a few different avenues you can take when introducing the new product or service:

  • Video ads that show how the product works
  • Static images that include specific callouts about the product’s value
  • Links to the product page

Additionally, they’ll want to create non-paid posts about the product on their profiles. Your customer doesn’t need to have a massive following on social media to use this tactic. However, you should work with them to determine which profiles are the best fit based on their industry and target audience.

Display Ads

Display ads can be a great complement to social media and other channels. These ad units can be creative and engaging, driving home the value proposition of the product or service. You can geotarget these, which is very important to local advertisers.

For example, if one of your advertisers is a landscaping and sprinkler provider, and they add a new type of irrigation system, they can promote it using display ads within the ZIP codes where they provide services. You can further narrow the audience with information like age, gender, preferences and other demographics. Digital ad serving also displays to those with relevant online activity, searching for such a product or service.

Thus, going back to the example above, your ad targeting could look like this:

  • ZIP code service areas
  • Homeowners
  • Ages 30 to 75
  • Interest in landscaping and gardening

Email Marketing and Mobile Messaging

Email is one of the most effective engagement channels. Your advertisers already have a connection with these users. Help them create excitement around their product launch with a tiered email campaign that teases the product, confirms its availability and ends with a special offer. 

You can replicate that same type of campaign with mobile messaging for your advertisers. SMS marketing has an even greater engagement rate than email does. In fact, research suggests that SMS open rates can be as high as 98%, while email open rates are around 20%. Thus, it can be another tool in your multichannel strategy.

TV and Radio Spots

Outside of digital advertising opportunities, you can also integrate TV and radio into your campaign when it makes sense, such as when:

  • The brand has good local awareness: If your advertiser has a strong brand reputation and visibility in the market, radio and TV ads are a good option. They don’t have to “explain” their business to the masses but simply promote their new product or service.
  • The product is unique in the market: Is your advertiser the first to offer the product or service? For example, maybe the advertiser is a solar panel company, and the concept is new to the area. Being on radio and TV helps them reach a large audience.
  • The audience for the product is wide: Some things appeal to a broad audience. The only specific way to target might be by geo. If so, you’ll want to increase exposure with radio and TV.

Combining Digital and Broadcast for Product Launch Campaigns

A multifaceted approach is the best one when it comes to promoting a new product or service. The specific tactics you recommend will depend on the goals of your advertiser. Integration of both digital and broadcast ensures the greatest reach and returns for your advertisers. Consider all the channels and tools available when you present your ideas for a cohesive campaign.