One of your top priorities as a broadcast and media sales professional is new customer acquisition. Whether you’re new to the business or have years of experience, the competitive landscape has changed. To win new clients, you need to be innovative while being as efficient as possible, so you’re not chasing deals that are not worth the energy.

Research Rocks and 7 StagesTo offer some guidance for all broadcast and media sellers, we have helpful tips to share from our experts on how to win new clients.

Your prospecting plan is the start of winning new business. It’s a topic that we’ve covered extensively in our Research Rocks! webinar and our 7 Stages of the Sales Cycle e-book. These tips complement prospecting, qualifying, making your pitch, overcoming objections and closing the sale.

Stay Current on New Businesses Opening

New companies launch every day, and they can be a good target for new business. While you’ll still need to qualify them as an opportunity before you progress, they can be a gold mine for you. So, how can you monitor this activity? Here are some sources:

  • Chamber of commerce: Many new local businesses become members of chambers. You’ll have more access to this information if your company is a member.
  • Take note of “Coming Soon” signs you see in your area.
  • Join social media groups for small businesses in your city.

Target Companies in Industries Where You’ve Had Success

In looking at your current book of business, you probably have some specific industries with successful campaigns. Sharing advertising metrics can be a way to attract similar companies. If you can easily demonstrate that you’ve developed campaigns for others just like them, they’ll want to listen. Data is hard to argue with, and it can be the objective proof that influences that advertiser.

Provide Cross-Channel Advertising Options

Winning new customers in your market will often depend on what you can offer them. If you’re only selling radio or linear TV spots, you may come up short in the outlets advertisers seek. Most small businesses realize the potential of digital advertising, and many may already be managing it on their own but find it challenging. Others may be working with agencies that may not even be in your area.

The advantage you have in selling digital is that you know the market. You can also provide advertisers with a truly integrated campaign. That means radio and/or TV spots can boost advertising tactics. You’re able to reach people en masse with linear and then precisely target with digital. If they buy just from you, they’ll have full visibility into the impact of all their advertising.

Lead with Education When Talking to New Prospects

While you are a seller, you don’t want to use any hard-sell tactics to close deals. The best way to build trust and potentially win new clients is to educate them on the opportunities. You can start by explaining digital advertising concepts in an approachable way. They’ll appreciate that you want them to have a clear understanding compared to companies that might keep them in the dark about what they are buying and what they can expect for results.

The more they understand tactics — display, video, social media, paid search, etc. — the better the customer they’ll be. If you begin your relationship in this consultative manner to meet their needs, you’ve got a great shot at securing a long-term customer.

Be Transparent About Pricing and Terms

You can’t capture new business without talking about money. The best approach is to be transparent. When you provide them with a proposal, it should outline exactly the campaign types and costs associated with those. Itemizing is critical here because you don’t want the customer feeling as though there are hidden or surprise fees. 

The terms will also need to be clear about deposits and timelines for moving forward. You should add a deadline for the proposal, which may get them to take action. While it does create some urgency, the real reason for a deadline is to ensure all the other next steps can happen within the timeline you created. 

Respond to Objections Quickly and Accurately

Advertisers can have a host of objections — costs, timing, fear of change, etc. You’ve likely heard most of them before, but it’s the first time those prospective advertisers are asking you. Listen clearly to what their concerns are, and validate them. Tell them it’s OK to have questions and that you are glad to answer all of them. 

Being patient and kind can go a long way because they may not get that treatment from others. Reiterate accurate information to them, define the value versus cost, and show them examples. You certainly want to make the sale. More importantly, you want the advertiser to see great results from the campaigns. You’ll be there to pitch them ideas and help them develop the creative. They aren’t in this alone, and getting that message across can be vital.

Winning New Clients Is a Process

There are many stages, from prospecting to closing (seven to be exact). You’ll need strategies and tips like these to ensure your approach is efficient and effective. Get more tips on gaining new clients by checking out our on-demand webinar, Selling Smarter: How to Crush Your Digital Budget in 2022!