September is a month of changes. It’s not just that the air gets a little nippier or that summer’s green starts to fade. Students head back to classes, football kicks off, and consumers begin thinking about the upcoming holiday season. The month ushers in all kinds of opportunities, and we’ve got some unique and unexpected September national day campaign ideas to inspire your advertisers.


September Month-Long Celebrations

Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 to October 15. It honors the cultures and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans. Many federal entities host celebrations, including the National Endowment for the Humanities, National Park Service and museums like the Smithsonian. 

Local groups are likely celebrating this month, and they could be an excellent tie-in for your advertisers. When planning promotions around such commemorations, your clients must be cognizant of using this as a platform for positive messaging and not a trope. 

First, consider which advertisers might have synergies. Your community restaurants may be promoting special authentic offerings, and others may be planning events or parties to celebrate the culture. Groups working with nonprofits to raise money or awareness are another possibility. These are all opportunities.

You could pitch them:

  • Radio spots to promote goods and events
  • Email marketing and mobile messaging campaigns to their current user base with special promotions or invitations
  • Geotargeted display ads that highlight upcoming events

Baby Safety Month

The safety and care of infants deserve a lot of awareness. Such a topic includes lots of different stakeholders, which means lots of options for your advertisers. While there are certainly many ways retailers that sell baby products can advertise, taking a broader approach can help advertisers diversify.

For example, many car dealerships partner with law enforcement or fire and rescue crews to check the installation of car seats. Promoting such an event is good for the community and those hosting it. Radio and TV are obvious choices. Additionally, consider digital display ads targeting users with young children or displaying on websites they might frequent. 

Another idea would include organizations that provide safety training like the local YMCA. September would be a good month for them to drum up awareness for their infant CPR classes.

September National Days

NFL Kickoff (September 9): The NFL season begins September 9 with the Cowboys vs. Buccaneers on a Thursday night. The following Sunday, September 12, all other teams have their debut. If you cover any of the markets with an NFL team, this is an excellent way to get businesses involved and show team pride. 

After all, the NFL is big business. Around 70% of Americans consider themselves football fans. The fan base is also quite diverse, enticing all demographics. 

There are lots of ideas to pitch to a broad range of advertisers. Some companies may have direct tie-ins to game day, like restaurants offering promotions for eat-in and to-go orders. Those spots would run well on radio. Mobile messaging with coupon codes is another option.

Other sets of advertisers could do an NFL kickoff giveaway, which could bring foot traffic to retailers. Examples include grills for tailgating, team gear, tickets to a game or a catered party. These ad ideas could again work well on radio. TV may be another option to run during the games if the contest is ongoing. Geotargeted digital ads are another channel — you can target those consumers nearest the location.

If the NFL isn’t that big in your area, then college football might be what your city gets fanatic about. The NCAA begins its season about a week earlier, on August 28. All of these ideas for the NFL translate to college teams, too.

Beer Lover’s Day (September 7): Beer is more than just a drink. Those who love it are passionate about it. Local breweries are popping up in cities across the country. According to data, U.S. consumers aged 21 and older drank over 26 gallons of beer per person in 2020

To commemorate this well-loved and potent potable, connect with restaurants, bars and breweries to create unique promotions for the day, such as hosted tastings or buy one, get one deals. 

Recommendations for these ads include digital options that allow you to target by age and location. Social media will be another channel where brands can share imagery of their beverages. Mobile messaging and email marketing are also viable to deliver special offers to current customers.

National Tradesperson Day (September 17): Tradespeople are what keep the world running, and they likely make up a substantial percentage of your advertisers — plumbers, electricians, construction, HVAC and more. Celebrating trades could be a compelling theme for this national day. Consider brand awareness ads for radio and social media. Those businesses may also want to use this day to recruit, as skilled workers are in high demand.

Speaking of demand, trade schools and community colleges could also use this day to showcase their programs to entice new students. These would be a match for TV and digital.

First Day of Fall (September 22): The first day of fall is worth marking, as it officially means cooler temps and changing scenery. Of course, this differs across the country, depending on the climate. Consumers associate many things will fall, and we’ll be happy to hear of their return — everything pumpkin, hearty soups and apple pie, to name a few.

Restaurants and bakeries should jump at the chance to launch a fall promotion with their seasonal flavors. Fall is also a time for festivals, so organizations that host them should be ready to get the word out. These ads could run on radio, TV and digital. Social media will be an important channel for these, too.

National Coffee Day (September 29): Coffee is the love of many. They don’t dare start their day without, whether that’s from home or their favorite shop. According to the National Coffee Association (NCA), coffee consumption is up 5% since 2015, with 62% of Americans drinking it every day. 

It’s a good time to celebrate coffee based on these stats. Promotions for the day certainly make sense for coffee shops. Another option is going straight to roasters. Micro-roasters are a growing part of the coffee economy. Many consumers now have coffee subscriptions because they currently work from home more than before the pandemic. 

Reach out to these local roasters to let them know the many options of promoting their coffee directly to consumers through radio and digital.

September National Day Campaigns: So Much to Celebrate 

These September national day campaigns are a great way to be creative and have fun. Each of these represents things that consumers love, so it’s a fresh way for your local advertisers to connect with them. 

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