Developing advertising campaigns for clients requires a lot of knowledge of tactics, the market, their business and their audience. When creating an ad mix to help advertisers reach goals, you’ll appreciate having an advertiser checklist.

You can use this resource before launch to ensure you address all aspects of a successful campaign.

The Advertiser Checklist for Digital Sellers

Use this checklist when building campaigns with advertisers.

Determine the Goal

The advertiser’s goal should be specific. The more specific it is, the more precise the campaign can be about targeting and conversions. Each campaign should have one primary goal. Examples include increasing sales for a product or service, acquiring a certain number of new customers, increasing registration for an event or driving more traffic to a website.

Define the Audience

Targeting ads well depends on the defined attributes of ideal buyers. This can include demographics, locations, preferences or previous interactions with the brand.

Set a Budget

Advertisers will need to provide their budget for the campaign. You can make suggestions based on tactics. Define this early so you don’t have to cut back on initiatives.

Choose Tactics

A media seller can offer linear and digital advertising tactics. Building an integrated campaign will include multiple ones. Goals, audience and budget all factor into what you suggest. Explain to advertisers why these recommendations will deliver the best results. Ideally, you want to present full-funnel opportunities to align with the customer journey.

Ensure You Can Measure Performance

For digital tactics, you’ll be able to provide specific metrics on impressions, clicks, conversions and more. Linear performance is not as straightforward. By using unique codes or phone numbers in traditional media, you can attribute advertising to leads or sales.

Be sure to talk through this process with advertisers. You want to ensure they have the accounting process on their end defined and appropriate team members trained to fully measure ROI from advertising efforts.

Talk About Creative

No matter the ad type, creative is necessary, including videos, design of display or social media ads, and copy related to SEM (search engine marketing), email or mobile messaging. Provide resources and assistance to advertisers to make sure their creative is branded and professional. Show them examples of previous ads for inspiration and best practices.

Confirm Launch Date

The last step is to confirm the date the campaign launches and ensure that everything is ready to go for digital and linear. Ad types should run simultaneously to drive the best ROAS (return on ad spend).

Deliver Post-Campaign Reporting

At the end of a campaign, you’ll want to provide customers with consolidated reporting that highlights how each tactic performed. Go over the details about what worked well and what didn’t. Take away learnings from the data to build the next campaign with those new insights.

Download the Advertiser Checklist

Get your copy of the checklist as a guide for campaign planning. Document all these steps for visibility around decisions made and why. The checklist makes the process faster, consistent and easy!