SMIAB 4Sales Meetings in Box, Volume Four, is now available. Our team has put together another great resource for sales managers. It has all the tools to host five sales meetings to educate, empower and support your sellers. It prepares them for real-world scenarios and common objections regarding digital advertising.

Volume Four Core Materials

SMIABThe newest volume builds on Volume OneVolume Two and Volume Three. You’ll receive materials for five meetings to host either virtually or in person, including:

  • Presentation slides
  • Five role-play scenarios for handling objections, such as “My website is old and not very good. I would rather not spend money on digital advertising until it’s updated” and “I don’t know how much money I need to invest to see results with OTT/CTV.”
  • Meeting follow-up content with emails to send to your team and homework assignments to help them hone their skills

Volume Four Bonus Materials

  • Creating a Digital Advertising Elevator Pitch Worksheet
  • Selling Smarter Action Plan Worksheet
  • NXT Training Academy Overview

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Download Volume Four today!