Sales Meetings in Box, Volume Three, is now available. Sales managers have all the tools they need to host five meetings with the latest edition. This turn-key resource provides opportunities to engage your sales team and ensure they are ready to answer advertiser objections expertly.


Volume Three Core Materials

The newest volume builds on the materials from Volume One and Volume Two. You’ll receive materials for five meetings to host either virtually or in person, including:

SMIAB Preview

  • Presentation slides
  • Five role-play scenarios for handling objections, such as “Why should I trust my digital budget to a company relatively new to digital?” and “Aren’t video ads expensive to produce?”
  • Meeting follow-up content with emails to send to your team and homework assignments to help them hone their skills


Volume Three Bonus Materials

  • Video Explosion! How to Sell More (60-minute webinar): Originally presented live during Q3 2021, this recording highlights the rapid growth of digital video advertising and offers a four-step plan for maximizing one’s revenue from this proven-effective advertising tactic.
  • Selling Video Playbook: The companion handout to the webinar, this guide includes resources to help sellers and their managers plan, prepare, produce and promote your station’s digital capabilities as they relate to all video ad formats, including OTT and CTV.


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