Watch The “Money” Talk

A constant topic of conversation in the media industry is digital sales compensation and commissions. Organizations want to incentivize and keep high-performing sellers while also ensuring revenue growth. It can be a challenging balance for sales managers and leaders.

Finding solutions requires looking at data, commission models, your goals and your digital sales maturity. You’ll learn about all these things in our new webinar, The “Money” Talk: How to Design Digital Sales Comp and Commission to Incentivize Sellers and Grow Revenue.

What you’ll learn:

  • The basics of digital sales compensation
  • Different commission models with pros and cons of each
  • The impact of compensation on recruitment and retention
  • Using commission strategy to hit your digital sales goals

You’ll also receive insights and recommendations from our experts and get a preview of our new commission calculator tool!


Jeff Ulrich, Director of sales enablement services, Marketron
Dustin Wilson, Senior director of digital strategy, Marketron

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