Broadcasters are savvy when it comes to developing new ways to secure promotional advertising dollars. One of the most lucrative ways of generating promotions revenue is with O&O (owned and operated) inventory. In this post, we’ll look at O&O and share ideas to get your advertisers excited.

What Kind of O&O Inventory Do You Have for Promotions?

First, you’ll need to assess and better understand your O&O inventory for ads. It can include:

  • Selling display ads for your website and apps
  • Streaming pre-roll and impressions
  • Podcast pre-roll and mid-roll
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media posts
  • Sponsorships of content, events or programming
  • Pre-roll and sponsored content video
  • Mobile messaging
  • NextGen TV spots

Of these possibilities, you’ll want to identify those with the highest demand and those with less demand. That gives you an overview of where to focus pitching to advertisers. In determining which advertisers to pitch to, alignment with their brand will make them more likely to say yes. For example, it makes sense for a local bicycle company to sponsor a cycling event.

You’ll also need to support its value based on data, such as average traffic visiting your site, click-through rates (CTRs) for ads, and other meaningful metrics. To get more clarity on valuation, you can use this template we created.

It’s now time to get creative.

Ideas for Using O&O to Generate Promotional Revenue

Promotions looked very different during the pandemic. As a result, broadcast media sellers had to think outside the box. Some of those ideas are still viable, and you can use them in conjunction with a return to “normal” promotions. Here are some inspiring ideas.

“Shop Local” Aspirational Content

Shop local campaigns will continue to be relevant. They touch on two things. First, it’s community-based, and neighbors want to support small businesses. Second, it’s about shopping, which a great deal of the population considers a pastime.

The hook for advertisers is that they’ll get visibility without it being an ad. This O&O content can play in multiple channels and have a narrative feel. For example, a host would walk viewers through pockets of local retailers and find out their stories. It’s not pushing products as much as it is excellent branding. These retailers are paying for the airtime but not in a traditional way. It can increase awareness of the brand and attract viewers with its infotainment angle.

Consider contacting your local chamber of commerce as well. It can be an excellent partner in creating new events or supporting an existing one.

Recruitment and Job Fair Events

Many local businesses are facing labor challenges. Recruitment advertising may outweigh other kinds for some. They can’t acquire more customers without the staff. Organizing an event, either in person or virtually, can boost promotion revenue. Advertisers can sponsor it to grow their brand, which can be very valuable in influencing their target customers.

Celebrating Local Musicians

Is your region brimming with musical talent and a great live music scene? If so, this idea would work well for you and your advertisers. They’ll have the chance to sponsor musicians. Audiences get to hear and experience great tunes. It creates buzz for performers and the local businesses that support them.

These could be short clips that play on O&O inventory and/or an actual program that can play on your regular channel or via a NextGen TV stream.

Tap into Local Passions: High School Sports, Helping Students and Animal Welfare

The last concept to consider is simply tapping into what your community is passionate about. In some areas, high school sports, especially football, are like a religion. Everyone gathers to cheer on the team, so capitalize on this by airing original programming that includes game and player highlights, which advertisers can sponsor.

Also in this category of passion is anything that supports students. That could be programming to honor top graduates. Back-to-school drives are another option. Creating hype around these events and serving through O&O raises the profile of your station and local businesses.

Finally, animal welfare campaigns like animal rescue events or showcasing an adoptable pet of the week are worthwhile campaigns. Advertisers in the pet industry and outside it will be eager to buy promotional advertising for such events. It shows brands giving back, which means a lot to their customers.

O&O Inventory Is Key to Accelerating Promotions Revenue

Because you own these spots, you can control the narrative and the promotion options. O&O is ideal for improving your promotional revenue numbers. Consider incorporating some of these ideas into your station’s plans to attract new and existing advertisers.

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