If your station or station group is like so many others today, you’re already selling digital advertising across your owned and operated (O&O) platforms. The ideal digital advertising product suite is a carefully thought-out mix of your O&O inventory and products from third parties.

Selecting a third-party digital partner that can complement your digital owned and operated inventory is an important part of launching your digital advertising program. However, before you proceed too far down the digital path, perform a bottom-up analysis of your owned and operated inventory.


Common O&O inventory types include:

  • Display ads on your website and apps for tablets and mobile phones
  • Streaming pre-roll and impressions
  • Podcast pre-roll and mid-roll
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media posts
  • Content and event sponsorships
  • Video, both pre-roll and sponsored content
  • SMS (mobile messaging communication)


How Do You Value O&O Inventory?

To value this inventory, you’ll need to know your products backward and forward, including availability and rates. At a 100% sell-out rate, do you know how much revenue your current digital O&O inventory can generate? Do you know the overall value of your digital inventory today, and how much of it currently sells?

Understanding your current digital products and their sell-through rates helps you determine which third-party digital inventory will be complementary and add scale to the products. At Marketron, we can help you get identify these factors to build an informed profile of your owned and operated inventory. Here is a good start — our inventory valuation worksheet.

o&o template

Get the O&O Valuation Worksheet

Download the template in spreadsheet form. If you can complete it for your entire inventory of owned and operated products, you’ll be on your way to building a digital advertising product suite that makes sense for your business.