SMS messaging can be a powerful tool for stations and their advertisers. It’s one of the most engaging advertising channels and has a variety of use cases. Stations use it for contests and charity events and to disperse critical information.

Your advertisers can leverage SMS messaging as well to deliver promotions and coupon codes. They can also make it the channel of choice for loyalty clubs or contests. It’s an easy, cost-effective tactic that provides results.

Watch our on-demand webinar, Using SMS Messaging to Connect with Your Audience, featuring Cumulus Media, to get a better idea of how media companies use it. You’ll hear from Cumulus Media promotion leaders Jenn Fallin and Marie Miscia Bradshaw.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why mobile messaging is such a high-results channel (with data!)
  • How Jenn and Marie use Marketron’s mobile messaging platform for national and local marketing, including a successful Feeding America fundraiser
  • How to use mobile messaging to target specific audiences
  • Features of the mobile messaging solution

Watch the webinar now to get these SMS messaging marketing insights!

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