Start an Advertiser Case Study with Marketron

Demonstrating your ability to drive results for advertisers can help you gain more of them. Advertiser case studies tell the story of how you helped your client reach their goal. Now, you can work with Marketron to get these developed.

How It Works

The first step is to complete the form on this page. Our marketing team will then be in touch, working with your CDM (client development manager) or salesperson to learn the background. We’ll provide you with questions to answer about the campaign and its tactics.

case study sampleTo add context, we’ll include real metrics and creative from the campaign. Once you and your customer approve it, we’ll publish a version on Aspire. You can find examples here. Our marketing department will also create a version for you branded with your logo.

It only requires a short amount of time, and you’ll have a fantastic sales tool that can help you market your broadcast or media company as an excellent choice for local advertisers.

We look forward to helping you with an advertiser case study!

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