In the first quarter of the year, advertisers historically spend budget dollars on several high-profile holidays and events. Designing the ideal campaign is now much easier with digital advertising packages that our experts have compiled.

Current digital clients can access these in the Marketron Learning Center (MLC). For each occasion, you’ll find:

  • Recommended verticals to target
  • Which tactics to use
  • Budget numbers or percentages
  • Audience targeting suggestions

Here’s what’s available for Q1.

The Big Game

The Big Game

From sports bars to home entertainment to liquor stores, advertisers all want to capitalize on the excitement of the Big Game set for Sunday, February 12. Inside this digital advertising package, you’ll find recommendations for display, video and OTT.

For more ideas for the Big Game promotions, read our post on February national day campaigns.

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

Consumers spend billions of dollars on this holiday, and your advertisers will be eager to capture their hearts. In this package, you’ll present display, video, OTT and social tactics and find audience targeting recommendations as well.

Find more Valentine’s campaign ideas in our winter holiday post.

Basketball Game

College Basketball Tournament Season

This sporting event is a national pastime and kicks off March 14, with the championship April 3. Because of its duration, you can pitch a 30-day campaign to drive sales for many advertisers, from home goods to restaurants. This package includes display, geofencing and OTT.

For additional creative ideas, check out our March national day campaign ideas post.

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