While February may be the shortest month, there are plenty of things to celebrate! These occasions can offer new and clever ways for your advertisers to connect with consumers. If you’re looking for inspiration to pitch to new or existing advertisers, check out these February national day campaign ideas. 


February Month-Long Celebrations

February highlights two important areas: cancer prevention and Black History Month. Here are some ideas on how to develop meaningful campaigns.

National Cancer Prevention Month

In February, there’s lots of awareness around cancer prevention. Medical experts recommend two key actions for cancer prevention: healthy living and regular screenings. The month is a great time for your health care clients to get the message out about annual mammograms, Pap smears, colonoscopies or other screenings. They can do this for a broad audience on radio and TV. They can also target digital awareness ads for their specific service area via geofencing. Additionally, they can use mobile messaging and email to send reminders to current patients.

Health care organizations aren’t the only ones that can help spread awareness in February. Retailers and restaurants can partner with health care providers to share important information on social media or with video ads.

Outside of awareness, retailers, restaurants or other companies can also designate certain days for donations. These businesses can donate a portion of proceeds on those days to a cancer prevention nonprofit. It can create more traffic for in-store purchases for those who want to support the cause.

Gyms, health food stores, or other businesses promoting healthy living may also want to advertise. They could offer promos to new enrollees or shoppers. They may also want to do some awareness campaigns about the healthy options they offer and why they’re good for people.

Black History Month

February is the month to celebrate the achievements and contributions of black Americans. It’s a time to reflect on their role in U.S. history and their importance in the country’s story. There are lots of ways for your advertisers to participate in this celebration.

Advertisers may be sponsoring events of associations or nonprofits, and they’ll want to promote it to encourage attendance. Those ads would be great for radio and TV since they cover most of the population. Social media marketing is another opportunity to get these events in front of people.

Black-owned businesses often have special events throughout the month that honor their roots. They might also partner with nonprofits to donate proceeds. In either case, they’ll want to get the word out. Digital display ads targeted to their surrounding geographic areas are one option. They should also consider email and SMS to announce these to current contacts.

Another option is working with large enterprises in your community that partner with black-owned businesses. This could mean they sell goods from black-owned companies or collaborate with them in some way. These companies may want to highlight these relationships through a series of ads throughout the month. One idea is a social media campaign that highlights multiple businesses. They could also create story-based video ads for OTT/CTV.

February National Days

Groundhog Day (February 2)

Groundhog Day is an opportunity for your customers to do something light and fun. Everyone will be waiting to see if winter will end early or drag on, which could be a great theme. Retailers, restaurants, spas and salons could offer promotions that align with either. If the verdict is a longer winter, the special could relate to staying warm. If spring is early, they could offer something related to getting ready for warmer weather. Social media, mobile messaging and email are ideal channels.

Another industry that could fit this day is landscaping. Depending on your location, most landscapes are dormant until spring. Landscape and sprinkler companies will be eager to fill up their schedules to prepare yards for spring. Pitch them some fun creative featuring groundhogs and preparing lawns for warmer days. These would be great on social media and display ads.

National Wear Red Day (February 4)

National Wear Red Day is a day to raise awareness about heart disease in women. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s the leading cause of death for women. Some of the same cancer prevention ideas can work for this day as well. The central theme of any message from health care or other advertisers should be about the dangers, symptoms, risk factors and impact of heart disease. Consider ads that use language like “healthy heart” and drive people to facts and information.

On the promotional side, health-centric retailers could promote items relevant to good heart health like certain foods or supplements. De-stressing is another way women can reduce the risk of heart disease, so pitching ideas to massage therapists, yoga studios or acupuncturists could be worthwhile as well. Recommend social media, geofenced display ads and radio spots.

“The Big Game” (February 13)

The Big Game will have many advertisers ready to spend ad dollars. Restaurants, especially sports bars, will want to capture business. Wing specials are often at the top of the list. Advise them to start ads at least two weeks before, so orders come in ahead of the big day.

Grocery stores will also want some of the action. They’ll likely have beer specials, promotions on snacks and catering options.

Since we’re talking about food, visual ads will matter. OTT/CTV is perfect for this and has targeting capabilities. Social media ads are another option to create buzz.

The other big spenders around the game will be sports betting companies. Local radio and TV ads are permissible depending on the legality of sports betting in your area. Sports betting is one of the biggest drivers for the bump in anticipated revenue for local TV, and this day is one of the most active for sports fans.

National Random Acts of Kindness Day (February 17)

Everyone needs more kindness in their life, and many advertisers likely want to observe this day. It’s an excellent opportunity for a feel-good ad that can produce positive sentiment. One fun and interactive idea is to create a game and giveaway. They can request that customers share stories about kindness, and others can then vote to award a winner. Social media will be the prime spot for this. You could also recommend email and SMS campaigns to encourage participation.

National Margarita Day (February 22)

As if there needs to be a day to celebrate margaritas! For restaurants that serve them or retailers that sell the ingredients, it’s a great time for them to say cheers to their customers. Restaurants can promote happy hour deals, while grocers or specialty drink stores can create bundles. These are great for social media and digital, so you can target the appropriate age group.

February National Day Campaign Ideas: Commemorate, Celebrate and Honor

Chat with your advertisers now about these February national day campaign ideas. They’ll be able to add their voice and brand focus to these special days. Keep in mind that integrated campaigns that use linear and digital will perform the best.

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