This email marketing case study shows how Beazer Homes, a home building company, used email marketing to create brand awareness and drive sales.



Beazer Homes wanted to drive foot traffic to a new community and increase traffic to the website by creating brand awareness.


They used a multi-drop strategy with compelling subject lines and special finance offers to target current renters in the area.



  • 30-mile radius of communityā€™s ZIP code
  • Current renters
  • Household income of at least $70,000

Email Count

  • 100,000 emails deployed twice a month, one week apart, for three months
  • 600,000 unique records, including all opens from the previous drops

Measurement of Success

  • 1,550 new prospects gained
  • 108 (7%) new prospects matched to the email deployment file
  • 19 applied for financing
  • Four closed on homes, all in the 400s!