Knowledge is critical for media sellers’ success. They need to know about the local market and industry nuances and, of course, be familiar with digital advertising techniques. Since this is a dynamic field, your team will need ongoing digital advertising training and upskilling.

When your sellers have these resources, they’ll feel comfortable proposing tactics and upselling customers. This confidence can yield more revenue too! If you don’t have a program for this (or even if you do), make sure it includes these critical components.

The Value of Consistent Sales Training

The return on sales training can turn into dollars and keep your high-performing sales professionals with you. A survey revealed that high-growth companies using it have better sales results as well as greater employee satisfaction, motivation and retention. The research also indicated its support for needing to be agile and adaptable.

So, how can you ensure you have training that hits these objectives?

5 Must-Have Features for Digital Advertising Training

When developing a program or revisiting your current one, seek these elements.


On-Demand Video Courses

Your sellers should have on-demand access to video courses that cover the full landscape of digital advertising. These video classes will boost their digital acumen and provide takeaways on how to position digital to customers. Quizzes to reinforce learning are also a plus.

The key is to make these mandatory for your sellers, giving them a timeline for completion. This emphasizes the importance of the training.


Rehearsing and Role-Playing

One of the best ways to empower salespeople and build their confidence is to rehearse the selling process from start to finish and with sales role-play exercises.

Rehearsing should consist of step-by-step guides for users to create digital proposals using training examples for clients, markets and goals. Practice makes perfect, and ensuring sellers are comfortable with the systems they use will help them feel more confident when making real-world sales.

Role-play is a good training vehicle for your regular sales meetings. You would pose a scenario with context and ask your team members for their best responses. Homework following the meeting is essential to help your people overcome objections with creative answers.


Training Content That’s Relevant to Broadcast Digital Sellers

There are many options for digital advertising training, but few companies design them for the broadcast industry. Your sellers are unique as compared to agencies or other organizations. First, because you’re blending digital and linear, you need training that teaches sellers how to position digital as a complement to spot sales. Second, your sales team predominantly operates on the local level, with unique attributes from customers around digital ad needs.

When deciding what training to select, approach it from the perspective of investing in an industry-specific solution.


On-Demand Webinars That Dig Deeper into the What and How of Digital Advertising

In addition to on-demand video learning, you should add on-demand webinars covering product training and the sales process. With this content, sellers will get more exposure to the specifics of tactics and approaches. It will further expand their skill sets and drive better performance.


A How-To and Best Practices Resource Library

A resource library is the last component of a robust digital advertising training program. Sellers should be able to access these materials and find them by searching. These are perfect for when salespeople get stuck in a proposal or are prepping for a meeting. These quick how-to and best practices assets are fantastic tools for your sellers.

Digital Advertising Training Is Essential for Growth

Building a digital advertising training program is vital for your salespeople to hit their goals and plays a role in the satisfaction and retention of your sales team. With access to these pieces, your team will keep learning and improving.

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