The advertising landscape is constantly changing. Disruptions are a normal part of business, but what about times of crisis? Right now, the world is in a collective crisis with COVID-19. It’s reshaping how advertisers purchase and the messages they send. Broadcasters can support advertisers, but they’ll need new approaches. To help you, we hosted a webinar with strategy recommendations.


Uncertainty Is the Only Certainty

What really throws your advertisers into chaos is uncertainty. At the beginning of the pandemic, that bucket was deep. As the months went by, more information was available. There were learnings regarding the virus itself and on consumers’ changing buying behaviors, which all companies were watching. With a roller coaster of changes, it’s been hard for broadcasters to navigate.


Targeting Companies That Can Sell

Many businesses pulled all their advertising because they no longer had a market. The lockdown periods put a lot of companies on pause. Some industries kept selling, and many became highly in demand. With a steady stream of reopenings and pivots by brands to serve audiences, there are opportunities to advertise.


What You’ll Learn in the Webinar

The strategy recommendations webinar is full of impactful information. It includes specific takeaways that are applicable right now and in any future crisis. You’ll explore different ways to support advertisers, such as:

  • What types of advertising make sense in a crisis
  • How to coach advertisers
  • Buying behavior trends
  • Ideas around location-based advertising
  • How to reshape messaging for advertisers that changed their business models
  • And more!

All of the strategy recommendations are specific to you, the broadcaster, and you’ll quickly see how valuable they can be.



Watch the Webinar On-Demand

Simply click the play button below to watch the webinar on-demand. You can also download the slides and check out the related COVID-19 FAQ for broadcasters (see links in the featured box).