In the mix of digital tactics to propose to customers, you have many options to help them achieve their goals. While programmatic, geofencing, OTT/CTV and social media get a lot of attention and headlines, don’t forget about email! It has many advantages and tremendous returns. It’s a good fit for many local businesses. As you develop a plan for selling email marketing, these industries are great targets.

The ROI of Email Marketing

If you need to make email attractive to your customers, you can start with some of these ROI stats:

  • For every $1 spent on email marketing, businesses see a return of $36.
  • 64% of small businesses use email marketing as a tactic.
  • 50% of consumers make purchases from marketing emails at least once per month.

Email may be an “older” digital channel, but it still has immense value and drives purchasing. So, why does it remain such a high performer?

Why Is Email Marketing So Effective?

The power of email marketing to influence and persuade comes from many factors, including:

  • Email recipients typically are opt-ins or have some familiarity with the brand.
  • Audience segmentation for more personalized messages makes emails more relevant.
  • Emails arrive in inboxes, which people highly engage with and look at often, versus other digital ads that require more action by a consumer.
  • Email marketing is a great option to reengage dormant customers and entice them with exclusive deals or promotions.
  • Businesses can use email communications for more than selling. They can announce news, keep loyalty programs top of mind or invite recipients to an event.

While email is an excellent tactic for any industry, some have the most potential.

Selling Email Marketing: What Do You Need?

Selling email marketing requires working with a platform that enables you to:

  • Target an audience based on demographics or geography, expanding on your advertiser’s contacts.
  • Sets you with best practices for you and your customers to follow regarding subject lines, positioning promotions, creative and what to avoid for better deliverability.
  • Perform A/B subject line tests.
  • Insert the creative and test it prior to launch.
  • Receive detailed reports on email marketing metrics and Matchback capabilities, which compares a database of contacts in the email campaign to an advertiser’s contacts to identify who took an action after receipt of the email.

Selling Email Marketing: Industries to Target

These recommendations are based on our internal data, with each of these industries being a high performer. Read through to get tips and ideas on campaigns.


  • Metrics from a customer case study: 12,462 new sales and customers gained, resulting in a gross sales profit of $859,165 and service revenue of $552, 272
  • Great for service and maintenance promotions, new inventory highlights and welcome emails post-purchase


  • Effective for adults seeking continuing education or online programs and for parents of college-aged children
  • Ideas include special pricing for programs, event invites for parents and college-bound students, and sharing content like comparison guides.

Travel and tourism

  • This industry continues to see high demand.
  • Campaigns can work to share information on destinations, offer exclusive deals and support loyalty programs.
  • Case study metrics for a local hotel: 2,065 reservations made, providing $114,765 in revenue


Home services and homebuilders

  • Great for field services (e.g., roofing, pool, electrical, HVAC, landscaping) to target homeowners and those looking to purchase a house
  • It’s a good tactic for creating brand awareness for new homeowners, providing helpful tips and distributing limited-time deals.
  • Metrics from a homebuilders case study: For every $1 spent, the company received 2.3 property inquiries; they closed 13 new homes, too.


  • With geographic targeting, businesses could reach those in areas of higher employment with offers of help to relocate.
  • Email campaigns for reengagement of previous job seekers, follow-ups after hiring events or an ongoing newsletter spotlighting new opportunities

CBD and medical marijuana

  • Ideal for current customers to provide information on new products, specials and more from retailers
  • Dispensaries or health care providers that certify medical marijuana patients could use email marketing to reach adults in certain demographics. 

Health care

  • Great fit for focusing on patients’ specific ailments or diseases
  • Usable for providers and other health care specialty organizations

Senior living

  • The industry is experiencing substantial growth, with a market increase of 8% in 2022.
  • An aging population is accelerating the demand for this industry.
  • Useful for targeting specific demographics looking for services (both seniors and their families), reengagement of those previously engaged, and sharing information on availability at a facility


  • Suitable for candidates, parties and PACs to spread messaging, request donations or influence people to vote
  • Targeting available for all parties

Wedding and engagements

  • Applicable to several industries: retail (e.g., dress boutiques or craft stores), events, wedding services and jewelry
  • Excellent way to promote limited-time deals

Selling Email Marketing: Lead with Data and Ideas

It would seem email marketing almost sells itself! It’s so effective across many business types to support many goals. Always have data and ideas when discussing it with customers. Once they hear and see this, they’ll want to invest in it.


For more inspiration, check out these email marketing case studies: