The last quarter of the year is historically one with significant consumer spending. It includes the most popular holidays — Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. To ensure your advertisers capture their portion of the billions spent, we’ve created several Q4 seasonal packages for digital advertising campaigns.

Current digital clients can access these in the Marketron Learning Center (MLC). For each event, you’ll get:

  • Recommended verticals to target
  • Which tactics to use
  • Budget percentages
  • Audience targeting suggestions

Here’s what’s available for Q4.



Did you know U.S. consumers spent $10.6 billion last Halloween? It’s a big moneymaker for many local businesses, including retail, bars, restaurants and entertainment venues. Inside the package, you’ll find a suggested mix of multiple tactics.

For more ideas for Halloween promotions, read our post on fall holidays.

black friday

Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Shopping’s biggest four days kick off with Black Friday and end with Cyber Monday. The weekend also includes Small Business Saturday to focus on local shopping. Check out the package to learn how to advise advertisers on allocating budget dollars to this holiday.

holiday shopping

Holiday Shopping

Encourage advertisers to launch a three-month campaign for holiday shopping. Why? Because most people start in October. With a sustained ad buy throughout the fourth quarter, many advertisers can cash in on the billions consumers spend.

new year

New Year’s

Celebrating New Year’s creates demand for a variety of purchases, from champagne to a night out to a new health regime. With this package, you can help advertisers be visible to those ready to party or restart in 2024.

For more ideas on New Year’s ad themes, read our winter holidays post.

lock If you have questions about budgets, targeting or anything else regarding these digital ad campaigns, contact your client development manager for expert guidance.