June is the start of warmer, longer days, vacations and adventures. It’s also a time when advertisers push new messaging, products and solutions to meet consumer needs. It can often be tricky to come up with new ideas, but national days are a great inspiration. Check out these June national day campaign ideas!


Month-Long Celebrations

June is the month for many revelries, some of which align very well with your target advertisers. 

Men’s Health Month

Various advertisers will want to target men and their physical and mental well-being. From health food stores to day spas to fitness centers, there are a variety of opportunities. 

  • Promotions and bundles: Talk to advertisers about using the month to create special deals for spa treatments, fitness assessments or supplements. These can run simultaneously on TV, radio and video. Throw in email marketing campaigns, as well, to target known customers. 
  • Get fit challenges: Create a campaign around consumers showing off how they are getting fit and healthy. Announce the competition on linear and digital advertising channels as well as on social media. You can even use a custom hashtag. At the end of the month, your advertisers can pick a winner. Everyone who opted in will have provided their email address, giving your clients a way to communicate with them. 

National Camping Month

Camping has always been an American pastime. Many rediscovered it during the pandemic because it was a safe way to travel. It’s a great time to pick up on this momentum, and it could be helpful for campgrounds and for retailers that sell gear. 

Pitch a camping package giveaway that you can advertise across all channels. This concept would work well by bringing advertisers together from both segments. They can split the costs and get more impressions. Those who enter will need to give you their contact information, which you could then use for SMS marketing campaigns. 

June National Days: Moments Throughout the Month to Celebrate

National days are a great way to spark ad ideas when they correlate with what your advertiser sells or offers. Here are some great picks:

  • National Running Day (June 2): Runners have a strong culture. For many, it’s about more than exercise. Video or display ads that focus on specialty products for runners could correlate to more sales. Use targeting options to find the right audience.
  • National Cancer Survivor’s Day (June 6): Encourage your advertisers to celebrate people who beat cancer. A portion of sales from the day could go to a cancer charity. Announce it via a radio ad and email marketing.
  • National Rosé Day (June 12): Rosé is the “it” drink of summer. Wine bars, restaurants and beverage shops will want to celebrate this day, and so will consumers. Ads for specials on bottles could be a great way to get consumers into spaces to share a glass with a friend or two.
  • National Eat Your Vegetables Day (June 17): Contrary to popular culture, many people love their veggies! This day is a natural fit for restaurants that could promote vegetable entrées at a special price for the day.
  • First Day of Summer (June 20): Summer officially arrives in June. It’s the longest day of the year, and your clients can use that to their advantage. Offer ideas on special promotions that are good until the sun goes down. Share these via OTT, radio, TV and display ads. Additionally, other advertisers like auto dealerships, salons and other retailers may want to start summer-ready offers for car servicing, highlights or a summer wardrobe.
  • Social Media Day (June 30): Social Media Day is a time when your advertisers can thank their communities on these platforms. It’s also a chance to get new followers by pushing out branded messaging via display ads, SMS or email. They could make it even more exciting for their community by choosing multiple followers and sending them some branded merchandise.

Celebrate June National Days with Creative Ad Ideas

June national day campaign ideas are one more way to ensure that your advertisers know they can count on you to deliver creative promotions. The best way to get your clients to see the power of advertising is for your campaigns to look nothing like an ad. With these concepts, consumers will appreciate the charm of the message, and your advertisers could see substantial ROI.