Spring is a time for renewal, a season that brings warmer, longer days. It’s a great time to engage advertisers and share new spring holiday ad campaign concepts. Taking advantage of holidays during this time can be a golden opportunity for your clients. 

If you’re looking for spring holiday ad ideas — we’ve got them!


New Ideas for Spring Holiday Ad Campaigns

These national and global holidays are cornerstones for spring ad planning. They often include sales and special events. You’ve had conversations with clients in the past about these days, so here are some fresh ideas for spring holidays.

Easter (April 9)

Easter weekend is also a time for spending. In 2022, consumers planned to spend an average of $169.79 on Easter-related items. This number was slightly down from 2021 but still higher than in 2019.

Easter spending can include several different areas. Many consumers have long weekends during this celebration. They may travel, especially if they live near the beach. Retailers also launch Easter or spring sales. One type of advertiser you may not be thinking about is a convenience store. Propose some ads around stocking up on Easter candy and getting supplies for a road trip.

These ad types can run on any channel. For those promoting a getaway, you can recommend targeted display ads and SEM (search engine marketing) tactics. For convenience stores, radio ads are an excellent tactic.

Earth Day (April 22)

Started in 1970, Earth Day has graduated to higher visibility. More people are aware of the impact on the planet. The day is really about giving back, so advertisers should call out doing things like volunteering for community cleanup, planting trees or anything else that helps the planet heal.

These brand awareness campaigns matter because consumers expect brands to be socially responsible. An IBM study revealed that 57% of consumers are willing to change purchasing habits to reduce negative environmental impacts. Further, the research found that 40% of consumers are purpose-driven and want to do business with companies with the same values.

If that’s part of your advertiser’s story, help them tell it with social media ads or OTT/CTV videos.

Cinco De Mayo (May 5)

Cinco De Mayo is often a caricature holiday even though it has high regard for those of Mexican heritage. In this environment, you should urge advertisers to create ads that promote the fun associated with the day as well as its deeper meaning. Many consumers will want to celebrate, so advertisers should tap into the demand. A great concept to consider for advertisers is supporting or hosting a local cultural event to drive interest and sales around this holiday.

Talk to advertisers about an integrated campaign that uses social media, display ads and OTA (over-the-air) spots. They can also reach out to current customers through email or SMS marketing.

Mother’s Day (May 14)

Retailers, spas and restaurants often have Mother’s Day promotions. Everyone wants to remember mom on this special day. Spending on the day rose to $31.7 billion in 2022. Some trends regarding what people are spending on include gifts that are unique and create memories. Gift givers also crave convenience in shopping and are cost conscious. Additionally, young consumers want to give a gift of experience for the holiday. The NRF (National Retail Federation) defined the top gift categories: greeting cards, flowers and special outings.

With this in mind, you can bring together several local businesses to create bundles. That could be a spa day with flowers or custom cards and an event popular in your area. They could promote these via social media ads, radio spots, videos over OTT/CTV, or through email and mobile messaging to existing customers.

Restaurants have special Mother’s Day brunches or lunches. Those advertisers should speak to celebrating moms and instruct listeners or watchers on making reservations. Not having a reservation system for big holidays can frustrate consumers, so make sure restaurants include this message in their advertising.

Memorial Day (May 29)

Memorial Day is another chance for a three-day weekend for many. Quick getaways to beaches or other destinations are popular. Targeted display ads and SEM are good digital techniques for advertisers looking to boost holiday travel spending.

Retailers and car dealerships often have Memorial Day promotions, too. For retailers, advise them to lean in on beach or travel must-haves before they go. Car dealerships can go the standard route of advertising their new inventory. Another option is ads about service specials before consumers hit the road.

Father’s Day (June 18)

The NRF reported that the 2022 spend on Father’s Day was $20 billion, with average spending at $245.76. The leading categories were special outings, clothing, gift cards, electronics, personal care and home improvement.

With this insight, you can make a case for advertisers that offer these goods to promote them heavily. Some concepts advertisers in the space could use include things like “gift dad this product for his new-found hobbies,” as that’s something relevant. To play into this theme, advise your customers to use social media, display ads, radio and TV spots, and OTT/CTV.

Gifts don’t have to be unique; the advertising does. Pitch them something catchy that combines the fun of dads with their products.

Summer Break

Kids will soon be enjoying summer break. That means parents will be searching for activities and camps. There are lots of opportunities for advertisers.

The local YMCA may have new summer programs. Community libraries and nonprofits often have workshops. As long as consumers know the program is safe and will bring their kids new experiences, they’ll be happy to hear about them.

For any organization with kid-friendly activities, go to them with ideas on how to get parents engaged, from catchy radio ads to videos that show programs from past years.

Share Spring Holiday Ad Campaign Ideas with Your Advertisers Today

While holiday advertising isn’t new, you can revitalize it with fresh ideas. Talking to your advertisers about doing something different around holidays could hook them, so be sure to take these concepts to them today.

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