January represents new starts, possibilities and more. It’s also a month filled with unique national days. These can be great themes for your advertisers and drive their customers to engage. Kick-start the year with these January national day campaign ideas!


January Month-Long Celebrations

During January, several month-long commemorations could be the inspiration for new campaigns. 

National Hobby Month

The spectrum of hobbies is quite broad, so it could apply to many different advertisers. Additionally, since we’re just coming off the holidays, many people may be experimenting with new hobbies. Campaigns to celebrate hobbies could be related to products or experiences.

According to data, the most popular hobbies are cooking/baking, reading, pets, outdoor activities and video gaming. 

With the data on popularity, you can quickly align different advertisers with these hobbies. 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Classes: Community colleges and other organizations are good targets for these, with instruction around painting, sketching, ceramics or photography. These advertisers could target demographics and locations with display or OTT ads. They could also reach the masses with radio and TV spots. Cooking classes, especially for couples or groups, would also be appealing.
  • Supplies for hobbies: Most hobbies require materials. Artists need paint. Musicians need instruments. Crafters need a little bit of everything. For local retailers that provide these items, this is an excellent opportunity for a month-long promotion. They could give a discount, gift with purchase or other offers. Explore ways to create a multimedia campaign to attract the most traffic, expanding across radio, TV, digital and email marketing. They could earn new customers and keep existing ones loyal with special deals. 
  • Hobby events: Some enthusiasts host events as part of their hobby. Car shows are an excellent example. Check out your local monthly event calendar to find these. Then, reach out to those groups with the idea of attaching the event to the monthly theme. They can boost attendance with geofencing ad types. For broad appeal, radio and TV spots are great. 

Additionally, in any of these options, SEM (search engine marketing) is another tactic to reach local consumers looking for hobby-related goods or events.

National CBD Month

Did you know that the CBD (cannabidiol) industry is over $4 billion in the U.S.? Consumers use it for various reasons and even give it to their furry family members. For states where the sale of CBD is legal, which often means it must have 0.3% of THC or less, it’s a great month to collaborate with companies to promote their e-commerce and physical shops via both linear and digital ads. Be sure to check the compliance requirements for these ads and work with a digital platform that allows for CBD advertising. 

National Soup Month

Everybody loves soup! Chilly days make soup a staple of winter diets. With so many options, you could have a different soup every day of the month, and that could actually be a campaign for restaurants. They could promote their soup of the day via social media and SMS marketing to their current customers.

Beyond restaurants, other advertisers may benefit from this, like local chefs for hire or catering companies. They could offer recipes as part of the ad and an offer for a future service. Social media is the ideal channel for this. 

January National Days

January also has several national days to consider for quick campaigns. Your advertisers may already promote things on designated holidays, but these days are very outside the box.

National Trivia Day (January 4)

Trivia is a favorite activity for many. It’s also highly engaging and appealing to the competitive side of customers. Advertisers could use the day to celebrate their events or run a contest. Local bars and restaurants that host trivia nights will want to promote those. You can recommend social media, SMS marketing, SEM and digital display ads.

Other businesses could create a trivia game based on things like their industry, company history or something relevant to your city. Social media would be the best place to do this, but you can get their current customers involved through SMS and email. 

Help them design something that will be fun and engaging. The prize can be one of their products or services. It could help with brand awareness and overall customer engagement, which will last much longer than just the day.

National Technology Day (January 6)

Where would we be without technology? It’s hard to even imagine it. Technology plays a significant role in almost every person’s life. The problem, of course, is when technology fails or is hard to learn. There are two angles you could approach here.

First, you likely have multiple companies in your area that are tech repair experts. You could pitch a humorous take on this for an ad campaign that helps them connect with consumers with broken tech. SEM would be a great channel, as that’s where many are searching for answers. They could also re-engage previous customers with email. Social media platforms are ideal for these, as well.

Second, many people received new tech for the holidays, but do they know how to use it? There are businesses that do this, too. Advertising to people within a geo or through OTT based on previous behaviors (like searching how to do something) could point the technically challenged to the experts.

National Shop for Travel Day (January 10)

Travel demand will slow a bit in 2023. The forecast for 2023 is $1.16 trillion, an 8.8% increase over 2022. While pandemic barriers are mostly gone for domestic and international travel, economic conditions may hamper consumer spending. 

People still want to see the world, visit loved ones and finally take that bucket list trip. They need help to plan these, so campaigns for this day make sense for travel organizations. It’s a day they’ll want to debut some of their best rates for the year ahead. Using multiple digital approaches will drive traffic.

National Have Fun at Work Day (January 28)

Finally, why not show the world the fun side of your advertisers? A campaign for this day is more about brand awareness and goodwill. A fun video would be a great play on OTT or social. Memes on social sites would also work. This type of advertising shows the human side of a company, and it can ensure that new and existing clients have a positive connection with the advertiser.

One idea is to do some employee spotlights for industries like plumbing, electrical and HVAC. These workers are heroes to many who call them in distress. With a bit of humor, this content could go viral.

January National Day Campaign Ideas: Hobbies, Fun and Food

Talk to your advertisers now about these January national day campaigns. They can start the year strong with a unique take on holidays. When you come to them with ideas like this, they’ll recognize the value you add to the business relationship even more. 

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