Gain Market Share

Does your advertiser have fierce competition? Have they noticed they’re losing customers? If so, it’s time for a digital campaign to earn more market share.

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Why it works:

  • Advertisers can bid on competitor names and present their alternative ads but should do so in a respectful manner.
  • It introduces the advertiser’s brand, which consumers may not have known previously.
  • Ads can focus on transactional search intent (i.e., a person uses purchase terms in a search, such as buy, schedule, hire, etc.).
  • Local search ads leverage geotargeting, so ads will display for their service area.
  • If the advertiser appears in search results with more visibility than competitors, it’s a good opportunity to drive awareness.

Example: Local pizzeria uses a clever angle for competitive ads

sem ad sample

Display with Geofencing

Why it works:

  • Creating ads that will display for your advertiser in the vicinity of competitors can lure people away.
  • Offering discounts or price matches with competitors makes the ad attractive.


Why it works:

  • Local businesses can get in front of new audiences with appealing video content.
  • Viewers can’t skip these ads, so they’ll watch them through and have a higher chance of recall.

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