Connecting with target markets can be challenging for your advertisers. After all, exposure to ads across multiple channels is an everyday occurrence for most consumers. Using the same digital creative tactics as every other advertiser won’t likely generate the type of returns your clients expect. It’s time to shake things up by considering new ways to capture and hold a target market’s interest and compel them to take action.

In this post, we’ll provide you with digital creative tactics that will wow your advertisers and deliver the ROI they crave.

Provide Product Benefit Statements for Greater Engagement

There are so many ways to promote products for your advertisers. Digital advertising, including display ads and videos, are some of the best ones. But how much context does this content provide to the consumer experiencing them?

Instead of focusing on the features of a product or service, lead with the benefits in your creative.

Define how the product solves problems for the end-user, focusing on features and benefit statements. Take a product like an electric hedge trimmer, which a home improvement store would promote. Such a product has features (i.e., lithium battery, different modes) and benefits (i.e., it saves time, produces straighter lines and reduces manual work). You can create videos that speak to its features and benefits to engage consumers.

Include Data Points via Compelling Visuals

Consumers are always looking for trust signals before they do business with a company. Offering data points in your creative relevant to your target market enhances the credibility of your advertisers. 

For example, gyms are always looking for new members, especially now due to the pandemic and consumer adoption of fitness apps. To encourage members to return or join, they can use data to state how gyms provided longer-term results with group motivation and in-person professional guidance. You’ll want to source the data from a credible organization. Then, find creative ways to display it. 

You could create infographics to use in larger display ads. Another option is to leverage geofencing to target residents in the community with videos that present these statistics in a fun, engaging manner. 

Match the Creative to the Right Domain

Whether you are using display ads or over-the-top (OTT) and connected TV (CTV) video advertising, your creative needs to match the target audience that’s viewing these. Your advertisers likely have multiple products or services that align with specific audience segments. That means different creatives. 

Here’s how that might play out. A financial institution advertiser may want to promote certain things like mortgages, car loans or student accounts. Each of these three products has specific consumers in mind. So, you’ll need creative that encompasses all three products with placement that will reach that segment. 

Mortgage ads would run on real estate websites or while users are watching home improvement shows. Car loan ads would run on sites related to buying or researching cars. Student account promotions could run on college student-focused domains or appear on streaming shows geared toward that demographic. 

Promote Content in Ads

Ads don’t solely need to drive people to buy, shop or visit. Consumers are heavy researchers these days. They want to learn more about products and services before they make a decision. That offers your advertisers an opportunity to promote content that educates and informs their audience. 

Here’s a scenario that could work for your clients. Lots of people are ready to begin traveling again but are seeking information about rules and safety. Travel and tourism advertisers should take this as an opportunity to source accurate information and create content about it. They could promote their content with something like “10 Best Places to Visit in Summer 2021” in a display ad. Using bright and vibrant creative will appeal to consumers and encourage them to click. 


Use Real Images

One of the best ways to ensure digital creative tactics are authentic is to use real images rather than stock. This isn’t always an option, but audiences respond better to real life. Restaurants will fare better if they use pictures of their actual food rather than using stock photos. It could cause a fundamental disconnect for consumers if they expected to get what was in the image and got something completely different. Retailers should also consider placing current employees in images demonstrating a product. 


Digital Creative Tactics: Inspired by Engagement

Engagement is key in all digital ads. Without it, you’ll have difficulty achieving positive ROAS (return on ad spend). Engagement depends on the creative content you use and how you position it to the consumer. With these ideas, you can deliver fresh perspectives to your clients and win more business.