Watch Data Is Your Crystal Ball: How It Guides the Modern TV Seller

Data is the new fuel for thriving in broadcast TV sales. TV sellers who leverage it can optimize pricing, inventory, time and decisions.

Using data as your crystal ball, you can drive success in broadcast TV sales. The challenge for many is that this data isn’t accessible, real-time or actionable. The industry needs processes, people and technology to get there — a true modernization that’s data driven.

You can find out how to gain access to that crystal ball by watching Data Is Your Crystal Ball: How It Guides the Modern TV Seller.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How data optimizes pricing and inventory in real time
  • Using data within your technology to understand seller performance and pipelines
  • Data’s role in improving sales workflows
  • What technology you need to facilitate data-driven decision making

Optimize pricing, placement, strategy and workflows!


Renee Ingenito, VP of enterprise sales, Marketron
David London, Senior director of product and UX, Marketron

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