Delivering ideas for promotions to local advertisers can provide a competitive edge over other parties trying to sell them ads. Promotional ads are very specific in that the goal is to drive sales. But what’s the secret to successful promotions for advertisers?

Here are some things you’ll want to include in your strategy.

Promotions Should Be Simple

You don’t want to confuse consumers with overly complicated promotions. If the ad content isn’t concise and understandable, the target audience may not respond as your advertiser expects.

Ambiguity or too many restrictions can derail a successful promotion. The ad should clearly spell out the offer — whether that’s a discount, free item or other incentives — as succinctly as possible.

If taking advantage of the promotion requires a code, spell it out and make it easy to use when they place an order.

Bundling Can Drive Sales

When advertisers create bundle deals, they can sell more products or services. Customers identify the savings and can be quick to respond. Make sure the bundling makes sense. For example, if you’re working with a retailer with $10 and $20 items that correspond (i.e., jewelry, apparel, home goods), propose a bundle at $25. Such an offer could dramatically increase their overall purchases and revenue. 


Exclusivity Can Drive Demand

Every shopper wants to feel like they’re getting the best deal — one that not everyone can get. A good approach for some advertisers is to offer exclusive promotions to current customers or loyalty club members through email marketing and mobile messaging

Your advertiser can reward loyal customers with this special promotion. Why focus on this segment versus gaining new customers? Existing customers spend around 31% more than new ones. They are also more likely to try a new product.

A promotion can start with this customer group and then extend, but it should still be exclusive for a period. 

Social Proof Can Be an Influencer

People want to have confidence in buying a product or service. Because information is just a few clicks away, around 95% of customers read reviews before purchasing. If you can insert some small “social proof” in ads, it could drive more conversions.

Examples include Angie’s List star ratings for contractors, plumbers, electricians or other field service companies. If it’s for a specific product, you could add a short excerpt from a verifiable review. 

These options are small enough for a digital display ad. You can be more elaborate in other mediums like social media, radio, TV and video ads. One idea is to capture real customers talking about their experiences with the company. These testimonials can be very compelling and usable across multiple channels.


Testing Out Different Creative Provides Insight

A/B testing creative with subtle changes around copy or design can deliver insights to your advertisers. As the ad runs, you can update them on the conversions and other metrics. When you have a clear winner, you can switch the content to the best-performing version.


Being Memorable Is Essential

Consumers see and hear a litany of advertising every day. It can be hard to gain their attention or make an impression. Standing out across all this is possible if advertisers create a promotion that’s a good deal and focuses on benefits, not features.

The key to recall is aligning with an audience’s needs. Advertisers should stay true to their brand story. Being outrageous in the hopes of sticking can backfire. It’s OK to think outside the norms of promotional advertising; just keep it in the same ecosystem. 


Deploying Integrated Campaigns Offers More Exposure and Targeting

Promotions for advertisers shouldn’t live in a single media bucket. Instead, you want to propose a multimedia campaign that could include radio, TV and digital. Depending on the advertiser’s budget, ideal audience and type of promotion, some will work better than others. It’s your job to recommend the right mix that allows them to have a broad reach as well as more specific targeting through digital.

Promotions for Advertisers: Their Success Is Your Success

Being a reliable and effective salesperson depends on your ability to strategize with advertisers. When you come to them with thoughtful and effective ideas, you bring more value, which can deepen the relationship. With these promotion must-haves, you’re sure to demonstrate what success can look like.

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