The need for insurance is one that doesn’t decrease, regardless of the economy or any other factors. Auto, home, rental, boat, RV and motorcycle insurance are mandatory purchases for consumers. Additionally, many people invest in life insurance to plan for the future. They often begin their research on search engines but can be influenced by ads they see and hear. In working with clients in the sector, you’ll deliver more value by pitching insurance advertising campaigns based on data and consumer behavior.

The Buyer’s Journey for Insurance Products

Your insurance advertisers may have much or little data on the buyer’s journey. You can deliver a strategic approach by discussing the current landscape of consumer behavior.

According to research, 69% of consumers completed an online search before calling to make an appointment with an agent. After seeing a search ad, 78% of people called the business and were 2.8 times more likely to call from a search ad. Additionally, the conversion rate of an insurance ad is 5.1%, which is high! These statistics demonstrate the importance of SEM (search engine marketing) in insurance advertising.

While consumers do research online, they are less likely to make a purchase in this setting (only 35% do). Most prefer to work with an agent for auto and property insurance. So, that means your local insurance agent customers are in an excellent position to acquire new customers.

Social media advertising also has traction in this category. Millennials are the demographic most likely to be influenced by these ads. You can recommend specific social media channels depending on whom agents want to target. These ads are also highly targetable to match triggers that would prompt people to need new insurance (e.g., homeowners, recently married, parents).

In considering traditional media, radio is a strong performer in reaching consumers, according to the RAB (Radio Advertising Bureau). Their collection of data identified radio listeners as decision-makers for this purchase.

This collective data and anything you have internally about past insurance advertising campaigns are the foundation you need to pitch ideas.

Impress Your Insurance Advertisers with these Campaign Ideas

Use these suggestions to wow customers and ensure they recognize your value.

Recommend an Integrated Campaign of Radio and Search

Data supports that radio ads lift digital tactics, especially search. People consume audio ads differently, often in a way that helps them retain the information. That happens more often when the agent or company name is mentioned multiple times. That recall could lead them to a search engine, and if your advertiser pops up as the top ad spot, they are likely to earn the click.

By integrating traditional and digital tactics, your advertisers get the reach of the former and the targeting of the latter.

Target, Target, Target Across Digital Campaigns

Propose a multichannel digital campaign with consistent targeting per campaign. Everybody needs insurance, but precise segmentation can improve ad results. Do your research, and verify with your advertiser the target consumer for each of their different insurance offerings.

For example, you could recommend a property insurance campaign for new homeowners who are millennials. You can target this across display, social media and OTT/CTV. By tailoring the ad’s content to this group, you can make it more relevant.

You can suggest multiple mini-campaigns for desired segments of customers they want to acquire. The more specific the story behind the ads, the greater the chance for an emotional connection to the advertiser.

Encourage Insurance Clients to Use Testimonials in Ads

Hearing from other consumers about positive experiences matters in insurance shopping. This social proof builds trust and credibility. You can use testimonials in several different ways, from just a quote on a display ad to a story on video. Having their actual clients vouch for them is a great way to convert interest into opportunity with new prospects.

Propose Ads Beyond the Traditional “Get a Quote”

“Get a quote” is the most common CTA (call to action) for insurance ads. That’s the action your advertisers most associate with a lead. It’s critical but not the only option. Sprinkling brand awareness ads that spotlight key tips, information or insights that consumers should know about insurance can get attention, driving traffic to the advertiser’s website. An agent who strives to educate their customers will stand out among the rest.

Ready to Pitch New Insurance Advertising Ideas?

Every industry you sell to has its own nuances and needs. By coming to the table with data and inspiring ideas, you can build a partnership with customers that ensures success for all!

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