Recruit and Hire

Often, advertisers need ads to recruit and hire rather than to promote a product. With a tight labor market, many local companies need quality applicants to keep their businesses moving.


Social Media: LinkedIn

Why it works:

  • It’s the “professional” social media profile and the one job seekers will use to find new roles.
  • Ads are targetable to users by demographics, roles, industry and location.
  • Ad job descriptions must be short, but there’s still room for a creative hook.
  • Ads can include images that showcase what the job is or where it is.

Example: Local grocer uses compelling copy and imagery to catch job seekers



Why it works:

  • Targeted display ads are ideal if the company hires only in a specific area.
  • They have the option to showcase why it’s a great place to work with current employee quotes or team pictures.
  • Companies with high recruitment goals can use them for job fairs to hit multiple geographies and viewer types.
  • Using an action-oriented CTA that’s more than “Apply Now,” like “Find Your New Career” or “Earn More,” can help ads stand out.

Native Advertising

Why it works:

  • Native ads blend in with website content and look more like another article versus an ad.
  • They typically have greater engagement and click-through rates (CTRs) than display.
  • Most ad-blocking software doesn’t remove these.
  • Job applicants may have less ad fatigue when seeing native ads, increasing responses.

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