Health care providers are seeking new advertising channels to connect with local audiences. Physicians, dentists and chiropractors are dedicated local advertising spenders. As their customer demographics evolve, so do the tactics they use to drive visibility and attract new clients. These industries have been concentrating a lot of digital spend on local OTT and CTV.

Your expertise in local media puts you in a great position to shift with their buying preferences. These businesses will likely continue to buy traditional spots. You can improve the performance of campaigns by adding OTT to the mix.

Local OTT Spending Is Rising

According to the experts at BIA Advisory Services, OTT is the fastest-growing segment of local digital. They estimate it will reach $2.4 billion in 2023, a 13.5% increase. The firm also singled out hospitals, physicians, dentists and chiropractors as the largest spenders on local OTT this year.

The drivers behind this have a lot to do with how people consume content. In 2023, adults will spend 1 hour and 51 minutes (1:51) each day with OTT/CTV. That number has doubled in four years.

Many of these watchers are streaming ad-support content. Antenna’s State of Subscriptions Report found that 32% of new sign-ups were ad-supported tiers. Consumers prefer this option because they don’t define ad avoidance as a must-have, and it costs less. With more streamers adding ad-supported options, subscriptions are more accessible.

Another trend influencing OTT ad spending is the launch of more FAST (free ad-supported streaming TV) channels.

As a result of more adoption of ad-supported subscriptions, health care advertisers have a way to reach cord-cutters. Advertisers usually follow the eyeballs, and there are many fixed on streaming. These non-skippable ads offer a somewhat captive audience.

Why Are Health Care Providers So Keen on OTT?

Beyond the consumer drivers mentioned above, health care has several reasons to increase ad spend on OTT.

Aging populations are making health decisions with help.

The U.S. has a populace that’s growing older, which typically aligns with more chronic diseases, prescription needs and other health services. Their health journeys can be complex and often involve adult children. They can reach an expanded audience to deliver messaging around these needs with OTT/CTV. In this category, residential care facilities would be a good target.

Health care needs recruitment support.

The shortage of nurses, physicians and support staff remains a serious problem. These businesses must do more than post positions on job boards to recruit and attract workers. OTT provides an ideal avenue for recruitment advertising. They can use it to appeal to people regarding the rewarding aspects of care. Ads running during streaming could include actual workers and patients, telling the story about why viewers should consider a career in health care.

OTT provides robust targeting to engage ideal patients.

Physicians, dentists and chiropractors have begun to look at patients as consumers. This shift is necessary because most people have choices when selecting a provider. Your advertisers in this area may have specific audience attributes that make them a good fit.

For example, you can target behaviors, interests and household demographics with OTT. A dentist’s office may focus on households with children, and a chiropractor may want to target people interested in fitness.

OTT is video, so it can highlight experiences.

When consumers think about health care interactions, the experience matters gravely. Many are nervous and anxious in these settings. OTT ads can go a long way in making them more comfortable. The video can show the provider’s office, emphasizing how clean and modern it is. They could also highlight things they do to put patients at ease, such as sedation dentistry. It allows them to tell a story with which viewers will connect.

Are You Recommending Local OTT for Health Care Providers?

The data, drivers and reasons why OTT makes sense for health care providers demonstrate the potential to capture ad dollars. Local businesses want to buy digital advertising from media companies in their own backyard. When you can offer them traditional and digital options, you become their preferred source for all their ad needs. So, make sure they know they can buy OTT from you and why they should.

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