November is the penultimate month of the year. While it’s well-known for Thanksgiving celebrations, there are many more days to commemorate. National days make great themes for advertisers. Recommend these November national day campaign ideas to your local advertisers.


November Month-Long Celebrations

Military Family Month

November has the designation of Military Family Month, which makes it an excellent time for service member promotions. There are lots of options here that can fit almost any advertiser vertical. 

Retailers, restaurants and any other business can launch a military discount for the month. They could do this to promote a specific product or service. The other alternative is a blanket percentage of dollars off a transaction. 

You can promote these deals on TV and radio for broad reach. For a more segmented approach, use social media ads or digital display ads that allow you to choose attributes that would indicate military service.

Another option to celebrate this month is for your advertisers to join forces with a veteran nonprofit. On a specific day or days, your customer could donate a percentage of revenue. That shows their community support and will likely drive traffic to their business, whether in-person or online. 

Promote such events on social media and via email and SMS marketing to current customers. You could also launch a geofencing digital campaign that targets nearby consumers on those days of the promotion.

Also, Veterans Day is November 11, so that could be a designated day. ​

National Diabetes Month

Diabetes impacts millions of Americans, from children to seniors. According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), around 10.5% of Americans suffer from it. Bringing awareness around diabetes and supporting associations fighting to treat and cure it is something many businesses do, from a national and local level.

To honor this month, you can pitch advertisers a similar campaign about raising money for a charity. They could have a month-long fundraising event or choose specific days to contribute a portion of sales. 

This is also a time for advertisers to share personal stories about diabetes and its effect on health. If your customers have such a story, you can capture it via video to use in digital ads or social media. Such a move humanizes the company and could see lots of engagement. That engagement can then turn into revenue and building loyal customers.

November National Days

National Doughnut Day (November 5): Who doesn’t love doughnuts? These pastries have been a mainstay in American culture. Additionally, many bakeries and shops reinvented the idea of doughnuts with fancy and unique flavors. In honor of National Doughnut Day, be sure to check in with advertisers that serve them.

You can recommend a promotion for the day, such as buy one, get one deals or baker’s dozen deals. Use channels like email and SMS to reach out to current customers. Then, expand the reach with social media ads and geofencing. Because doughnuts are visual, pursuing video ads for this day is a good idea. A short clip of the doughnut-making process or just close-ups of how yummy they look can drive viewers to your advertisers’ stores.

Daylight Saving Time Ends (November 7): On November 7, it will be time to fall back and gain an hour. While we do lose daylight, there are some possibilities for advertising around the theme of “What will you do with your extra hour?”

Ads can ask this question in relation to your advertisers and serve as a reminder to consumers of the time change. For example, a spa could prompt audiences to use that extra hour for self-care and offer a discount for first-time customers.

These ads will work well on social media, as there will be a trending hashtag, and it’s asking a question to drive engagement. These ads would also work well on radio and TV to expand reach. Another option is video via OTT. Some visuals could include turning the clock back and then asking the question.


World Kindness Day (November 13): The world could use more kindness; no one would disagree with that. So, on November 13, your advertisers can deliver a message that drives brand awareness over promotions. Your advertisers can explain how they are celebrating and why the day matters to them. These branded ads will have the most impact on social media.

Black Friday (November 26), Small Business Saturday (November 27) and Cyber Monday (November 29): Holiday shopping season drives into full force after Thanksgiving. The weekend after and following Monday are now American pastimes. Last year’s holiday shopping start looked different, with more e-commerce sales versus brick-and-mortar. 

Experts aren’t making predictive bets yet on how 2021 will play out, as many factors impact it. Regardless of how consumers shop, your advertisers will want to capitalize on this. 

An integrated multimedia ad campaign will deliver the best returns for your advertisers. They can use a mix of channels. Social media ads can capture in-store and online shoppers. Geofencing can serve ads within shopping centers. 

OTT ads can deliver promo codes for e-commerce shoppers. They can click directly from the ad to the website. 

Brands should also send emails and SMS messages to current customers with their discounts for each day. 

Early morning radio spots on Black Friday may also be a good channel for those on their way to shop. 

November National Day Campaigns: From Honoring Troops to Enticing Holiday Shoppers

November is full of diverse days to celebrate for your advertisers. These ad ideas can create connections and prompt audiences to support local businesses. Start talking to your customers now about these ad ideas.

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