Sometimes, you may have concerns about pitching ad tactics without a good idea that gets business owners’ attention. When working with local B2B companies, ad tactics are unique compared to those that attract consumers. However, B2B has niche channels, the most prominent being LinkedIn. LinkedIn ad campaigns are the best social media option for local B2B advertisers. With the right story, they can perform well and deliver positive results.

Here are some ideas that mix creativity, authenticity and benefits.

Why Being Creative, Authentic and Benefit-Focused Matters in B2B Advertising

Even though B2B has nuances, companies are still marketing to people, but it can involve multiple decision makers. Because it’s people who make these decisions, they are attracted to brands for a few core reasons. They expect quality, integrity, and solutions that resolve their challenges. Conveying this in an ad campaign on LinkedIn requires that ads be creative, authentic and benefit driven. 

  • Creative: B2B buyers do a lot of research before making decisions, and they focus on their pain points when discovering options. Finding creative ways to convey this message will be vital to catching their attention. Being creative also means ads need to be modern and fit the brand.
  • Authentic: At their core, people make buying decisions based on emotion. When ads come across as relevant and non-salesy, business decision-makers will be more apt to investigate further. Keeping the message simple and transparent helps create and convert demand.
  • Benefit driven: Any B2B LinkedIn ad campaign should clearly illustrate how the advertiser’s product or service benefits the company buying it. This approach aligns well with an authentic tone.

Using these as the recipe for ad content can influence a variety of ad ideas. Next, we’ll offer some examples.

LinkedIn Ad Campaigns for Local B2B Ideas

Here are a few ideas to help you position LinkedIn as a good tactic for B2B campaigns.

  • Use videos to tell a product’s story: For any B2B companies that sell physical products, the products can often be expensive and complex. A video series in an ad format could focus on short clips of individual features that highlight the benefits and capabilities.
  • Capture authenticity by using current employees in recruitment ads: B2B companies can use LinkedIn as a recruitment channel beyond job postings. Targeting a specific title or industry for individuals can get these stories in front of possible candidates. This would be especially effective in health care.
  • Present the problem and solution that’s short and sweet: Most B2B companies are solving some unique challenge with a product or service. Focusing on the pain point and the reasonable solution through copy and visuals may be the no-nonsense approach to driving sales. It could work well for operational types of local services like commercial HVAC, electrical, plumbing, landscaping and cleaning companies.
  • Showcase what a space can provide: This could work for commercial real estate or venues that host events and conferences. A LinkedIn ad campaign could highlight various ways to use or design a space and include aspirational copy.

Ultimately, you’ll collaborate with your B2B advertisers on a concept. Coming to the table with unique ideas makes it easier for them to visualize the impact. When discussing the campaign, be sure to recommend additional tactics, both linear and digital, so they get reach and targeting to drive performance.

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