Trends in technology have a significant impact on broadcasters. The advent and adoption of technology keep the industry more efficient and effective. So, what are broadcast radio and TV station stakeholders seeking in terms of technology?

On this episode of Beyond Impressions, Marketron senior vice president of sales Todd Kalman spoke with Tim Hyde, director of member services for the Minnesota Broadcasters Association, on the topic.

“Our association represents 300 radio and TV stations across Minnesota. They are looking for resources on sales training, cybersecurity updates, legal support and recruitment efforts,” Hyde explained.

The demand for these resources ties back to technology in many ways. The Minnesota Broadcasters Association provides lots of these materials. “We have webinars, and we just finished a sales training series. There’s also a standing sales training program to help new account executives onboard.”

Hyde also pointed out that broadcasters feel more urgency around cybersecurity. As a result, his organization partnered with the legal support team to offer this to members.

Looking to the future, Hyde is excited about the innovation ahead for radio and TV. He relayed that much of this involves the ability for advertisers to reach more consumers due to new technology.

Technology and its future role are leading the discussions of many broadcasters. These technology trends should open up new opportunities. Increasing sales, seamless workflows, better targeting and more will all be possible in the next horizon for broadcast radio and TV.

Watch the interview to hear more from Hyde.


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