Promote Sales and Events

Does your advertiser have hot deals they need to communicate to move out old inventory? Are they hosting an event that they want to create buzz around? Several tactics are ideal for these goals.

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Display with Geofencing

Why it works:

  • Ad targeting is possible by location, demographics and previous interactions.
  • These ads visually define the promotion and drive the user to shop or attend, with a relevant offer and urgency behind it.
  • Advertisers can turn these on and off quickly for short-term sales (e.g., holiday sales).
  • A “fence” allows a specific promotion to reach users in a designated area that’s near the advertiser.

Example: Furniture company highlights seasonal sale

ad sample

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok

Why it works:

  • Social media profiles are places users scroll through daily, often multiple times per day, so feeds are full of offers.
  • The platforms you choose depend on the advertiser’s target audience and digital presence. You wouldn’t recommend a Snapchat ad to a business not active on the site.
  • Social media is also a great channel for limited-time, quick promotions.
  • Offering sneak peeks through video content of an upcoming event can increase registrations and RSVPs.
  • Targeting specific users based on their interests and likes ensures ads are relevant to those seeing them in their feeds.
  • Social media can capture actual customer stories, delivering credibility to the advertiser and increasing the feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out).

Example: Spa offers special deal for new clients

ad sample

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