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Live Webinar Series for Marketron Customers

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These 45-minute live sessions take Marketron customers deeper into the what and how of digital advertising and allow sellers to ask questions.

Display and video advertising

Level 1: What is Display and Video Advertising?

  • What these ad types are
  • When and how to use them
  • How to create proposals in NXT

Geofencing and video geofencing

Level 2: What is Geofencing and Video Geofencing?

  • What geofencing is
  • When and how to use it
  • Key success metrics

Over-the-top / connected TV

Level 3: What is OTT and CTV?

  • Targeting power of OTT and CTV
  • Campaign best practices
  • Reporting how-tos

Prospecting and approaching

Level 4: What is Prospecting and Approaching?

  • How to prospect
  • How to position digital
  • How to build a campaign

Needs assessment and presentation

Level 5: Needs Assessment and Presentation

  • How to identify client needs
  • Overcoming objectives
  • Creating a winning proposal

Close and follow-up

Level 6: Close and Follow-Up

  • Presenting and closing deals
  • Follow up and reporting
  • Securing renewals

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