Launch a New Product, Service or Location

When advertisers have something new to share, digital ad tactics can drive audience awareness and engagement. Here are the channels that work best.

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SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Why it works:

  • Unique keywords can deliver conversions when they describe the product or service.
  • Location-based keywords and targeting can be helpful for new locations.
  • Advertisers can get in front of searchers on the front page without waiting on the long-term returns of SEO (search engine optimization).

Display with Geofencing and Retargeting

Why it works:

  • Geofencing allows you to target consumers near the advertiser’s business, which is ideal for new locations.
  • Retargeting can also be a great option for display, re-engaging customers who have previously shopped and may be more inclined to check out new products.
  • Display ads can be static or video, providing freedom to create impactful content highlighting the new product, service or location.
  • A special code to purchase a new product or service can be easily distributed through display ads.

Example: New bakery uses geofenced ad for foot traffic with special code

Ad sample

Social Media Advertising: Pinterest and Facebook

Why it works:

  • Advertisers can take advantage of these channels as a “new product discovery” tool, which is common on these sites.
  • Targeting by demographic or interest is possible in order to appear in feeds for those most likely to need the product or service.
  • Advertisers can add promotions and discounts for new customers.
  • Facebook and Pinterest are both product-focused platforms.
  • Social ads are often less invasive, providing a more organic introduction to a product, service or location, and they are shareable.

Example: Furniture store debuts new collection

Ad sample


Why it works:

  • Advertisers can reach individuals outside of traditional media (e.g., cord-cutters).
  • Video ads are often more engaging because they preview the experience.
  • Ads have numerous targeting capabilities useful for very defined audiences.
  • Making a connection through visuals can spark interest in targeted customers.

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