Increase Revenue

This is a broad objective and differs with every advertiser. What’s key to delivering these campaigns is that they focus on the bottom of the funnel and drive people to purchase.

Sales Funnel Stage: Decision icon



Why it works:

  • Ads can focus on search intent that’s transactional (ready to purchase) for products or services people need now.
  • These ads allow advertisers to capture “near me” searches, which are vital for local businesses.
  • Local search ads take advantage of geotargeting and use cities or areas where they do business.

Example: Local plumbing company is ready to serve

sem ad sample

Social Media: Facebook

Why it works:

  • Facebook has a diverse user base to fit any company and remains the top profile in number of users.
  • It has very refined targeting to get in front of the right audience.
  • Most brands have a presence here, so they aren’t starting from scratch.

Example: Local dentist offers promo on braces

ad sample


Why it works:

  • Local businesses can get in front of new audiences to create new customers with enticing offers.
  • The visual appeal and the fact that viewers can’t skip them provides a captive audience. It could improve recall when they are ready to buy.

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